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Have you met Betsy Hauser Idilbi?

She is the jam. Certified on smash.

Dear Everyone,

Betsy Hauser Idilbi is the jam. Certified on smash. From one Charlottean, like real from here like elementary school styles remembers Eastland mall being the heat Charlottean, to the rest of you, she’s certainly someone you oughta know. She’s awesome, Charlotte through and through and the best part about how I know her, is we didn’t even meet in Charlotte, we met in Chapel Hill at a tailgate and realized we lived five minutes apart and frequented the same spots in town. Just two kids from Carolina that needed an intro, really.

That was back when we were super low on cash; Betsy was running her first company, I was covering high school football and running my own blog. We used to go to Whiskey Warehouse midday and have “We’re both CEOs” beers or we’d hang at Betsy’s house and drink cold ones in the front yard while we just watched the cars roll past on Mecklenburg Ave while eating a half black olive, half pepperoni pizza. She’s a vegetarian. Oh and I’d feel bad if I didn’t mention our obsession with “Most Eligible Dallas.”

I’m introducing her because she is one of my best friends on the planet. She truly believes in Charlotte, the way I do, and she’s great woman who creates her own space and flourishes. Betsy isn’t just a revelation as a strong, business minded successful woman, she’s one of my inspirations as a working mom who balances running a company, doing big business with loving her daughter and her husband.

She definitely deserves everything that’s good in this world, and I just feel honored to get to brag a bit on one of my best friends to the rest of y’all. Folks, it’s Betsy Hauser Idilbi. I asked her 6 questions. Her answers are below.

What are 3 physical things that you love about yourself?

– Abnormally large smile that prominently displays both top and bottom Chiclet-esque teeth

– Flexible wrists – I attribute these bad boys with for my ability to crush at foosball

– Tiny new belly pooch – Constant reminder of how much my daughter has changed my priorities and my entire world

*These are 3 things I’ve “learned” to love about myself. 15-year old Betsy would strongly disagree with the teeth and horrified by the future pooch.

If you had to be a Disney Princess, who would you be and why?

This question is clearly misphrased. I think you mean “If you had the greatest privilege on Earth of being a Disney Princess, who would you be and why?”

For a gal that has been to Disney 30 times over 34 years (Mickey – here’s to number 31 in 49 days, but who’s counting) this is a tough one. I’m leaning towards Jasmine. Flying on a carpet is pretty dope. However, if pre-Eric Ariel is up for grabs, living under the sea would be sweet too. Although, I would have to deal with predators. I’ll take flying over dodging sharks. Jasmine, it is, with one caveat – I don’t have to wear the belly showing attire. Just because I love my pooch doesn’t mean I need to share it with the world.

If you could learn to cook one thing what would it be?

Bagels. I love bagels. Is that baking or cooking? Either way, I’m holding steady with my answer – bagels..all the bagels.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Well, I can already fly – see question 3, sooo let’s see. What is the power called that folds AND hangs clean laundry? Yeah, I want that.

What’s your go to escape activity?

Walking. I pace constantly. I even schedule all my Tech Talent South calls in succession so I can walk around my neighborhood and talk. Seriously though, I logged 13 miles the day before I gave birth. I pity the fool that friends me on fitbit. Bring it kids, bring it.

Best place / unknown place in Charlotte you love going to?

Lupie’s – Veggie Chili – cheese and onions on the side and doused with Green Tabasco! Food is amazing and Lupies boasts a staff who don’t care if your 1-year-old throws her entire plate on the floor – ‘nuff said.

You can find Betsy all over Charlotte but mainly she’ll be at Smelly Cat Coffeehouse, the breweries in NoDa, and at Tech Talent South events! Just look for the woman with blond hair, baby strapped to her chest, and a loud personality (in a good way)!

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