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Have you met Jason Yarborough?

People. Passion. Community.

Hi! Have you met Jason Yarborough?

Someone recently asked how I would describe him. I said “genuinely just a good dude” which is me awarding my highest praise. By genuine I mean real, honest, caring. People are his thing. His mission to bring together and connect everyone is something I would follow to no end. I believe in him. It’s not about building things on his own. It’s about community and collaboration.

Those three words, people, passion and community perfectly represent him. With those things we can do anything, right? You can find him bringing awesome people together at Social FreshThe Wild Letters and #smCLT. I’m super pumped to see where he takes all of these things. I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Get ready Charlotte.

Also, ask him about #charityissexy. It needs to make a comeback asap.

I asked Jason 6 questions. His answers are below.

What are you most passionate about?

PEOPLE. Sure, it may sound generic and perhaps the easy way out. But here’s the thing. My mission statement actually revolves around people. Here’s how that mission statement unfold’s: “To discover people and their dreams. To develop their dreams. And to drive the progression of those dreams.” I love people. I want to meet everyone. Help as many as possible. Leave a lasting impression on all that will allow.

What frustrates you more than anything?

Chain Restaurants…..oh, and bad coffee.

If you could be a food item what would it be and why? Like actually transform into one.

Bonsai Fusion’s sashimi salad. It looks every bit as delicious as it actually is. I think that’s the general regard I would go for.

Why do you love Charlotte?

It’s a community full of people that are always here for you. Always welcoming. So it’s where I return when I travel. Not because it’s home. But because this city accepts me, each and every time. Through the despair, the muck, and the culpability. I call Charlotte home. Charlotte is a city that strengthens me to move forward and take on what may lie ahead.

If you could take a visitor around Charlotte for one day where would you go?

485. Kidding…unless I hated said visitor. We would actually go to Not Just Coffee, MADabolic (hope they’re in some sort of shape), Common Market, Triple C, White Water Center, Abbeydale, shopping in Plaza Midwood, Sleepy Poet, and hopefully there would be a good show in town, perhaps at the Visualite. And depending on how much “fun” that show was, we would end up for a late night drive-thru of Cook-out. Don’t judge.

What is one part of yourself that you feel could be improved?

This feels vulnerable…..and I like it. Self worth. I think far too often a lot of us can hide behind the curtain of social media. We allow that presence to define us. Those of us that live, work, and play in that arena are all guilty of it. We find self worth in the likes, follows, retweets, favorites, views, etc. Until we (I) find that on my own, we’ll constantly strive to find that worth in elements outside of ourselves. Social media is an outside element that far too many of us rely on for that self worth. I’m learning to find that feeling of worth within myself. Not online, not in others, not in appearances. But in myself. And it’s something that will take a continual, purposeful effort to attain.

Get in touch with Yarby at @yarby (Twitter and Instagram).

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