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Have you met Tamu Curtis?

 Awesome cocktails. PR.

Hi! Have you met Tamu Curtis?

Full disclosure. I’m a beer guy. The Charlotte craft beer scene is booming and I love it. I can get into a good cocktail but I’ve be underwhelmed by most of my more recent experiences here in the Queen City. Then I met Tamu, creator of Liberate Your Palate and the Summer Cocktail Tour. She’s determined to ensure we all have the best of the best cocktails in Charlotte. She’s compiled a “passbook” of 16 awesome bars and restaurants and has taken the guess work out of what’s awesome. Show up, every cocktail in the passbook is only $5. Love it.

I love when people come up with creatives ways to get others to engage their community, try something new and explore Charlotte. Tamu is doing just that. Passbooks are still available for the Summer Tour. It runs through September 15th. Buy them here.

Lastly, In one of Tamu’s answers below she says “Take a minute and a few deep breaths before responding to what you may perceive as an abrasive or combative email.” This is great advice that I’m taking with me.

I asked her seven questions. Her answers are below.

What is your passion?

I have a lot of passions and try to do everything I encounter with passion so that’s a difficult question for me to answer. I think my biggest passion is learning and acquiring knowledge. There is so much in life one can expose themselves to and that possibility is one thing about life that really moves me. Another great passion of mine is to help people tell their stories and giving them the proper tools and the platform to share their stories to the public. It was something that I had to come to terms with and realize that I had a talent for doing this and that being of service was in fact a passion.

What frustrates you more than anything?

Talking about really great ideas with people and then not seeing the initiative to put in the work towards making them come to fruition. That’s really frustrating to me because it wastes a lot of time. It takes courage, discipline and self motivation to be successful. Some people are doers and others want it done for them.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Really good expensive food and great cocktails of course.

What’s needed in Charlotte?

A more sexy and sophisticated nightlight for people over 30 but not yet 55.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give yourself 10 years ago?

Where to start… I could have used a lot of advice 10 years ago. The advice that could have served me well 10 years ago was to be told not to act on emotion when it comes to making business decisions and building business relationships. Take a minute and a few deep breaths before responding to what you may perceive as an abrasive or combative email. Friends can’t always do business together. Not everyone is going to like you in business and that’s ok as long as a mutual respect for your business acumen is there.

Who do you look up to and why?

I have a very dear friend in Los Angeles, Nikki Chu, who I have seen build a very successful interior and product design brand. I watched, participated a little and learned from her journey which was filled with challenges and successes all along the way and still is. The most valuable thing that I have learned from her is the power or the lack thereof in the word “No.” Those two letters should not prevent you from pursuing your dreams or goals and reaching your destiny. “No” shouldn’t be viewed as an absolute. Get used to hearing it. Take the power out of the word. There is a lot to learn from that word, dig deeper. Ask, “Why not?”, “What can I do to change your no to a yes?” or just continuing growing, searching and doing your thing until “No” because “Yes.” It will happen.

Amy Amico asked what is one thing you would change in Charlotte?

More late night dining destinations.  The 11pm – 3am hour is lacking decent food in a  pleasing atmosphere.

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