We Love Charlotte.

We Love Charlotte is a community driven to seek out and celebrate a multitude of experiences throughout the Charlotte metro region. We work to amplify the voice + increase the vitality of local individuals and businesses by sharing not just the where and when but also the who behind each moment.

Here and now.

By infusing everyday experiences and new perspectives with the creativity, generosity, and character found within our city, we seek to document and showcase where & who Charlotte is: here & now.

So connect with us today : because with your help, there will always be another reason #weloveclt.

Speaker series.

Two people, once a month. We aim to create an honest space, with real stories we can relate to. Doors open at 6:00pm. Come in, grab a beer or water and meet someone awesome. The talk starts promptly at 6:30pm.

Melody Gross

Fearless Mom, Doula, Birthing Advocate, Social (media, justice, butterfly). Talks on giving a voice to the unheard.

Chandler Wrenn

Family, people, coffee. And Cheerwine. Talks on what it means to be a Charlottean.

Instagram adventures.

The WeLoveCLT Instagram account is all about takeovers meaning you as a Charlottean can take it over for one day and show everyone why you love Charlotte.

Take us on an adventure.

Interested? Read the rules here and then fill out the form. We’ll get it on the calendar and you can take all of WeLoveCLT on an adventure.

Show your love.

We know you love Charlotte, but why not tell the world? Here’s a couple quick and easy ways to show your support and let everyone know just how awesome Charlotte is.

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Request a We Love Charlotte logo sticker

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