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I’m trying something different today. Instead of sitting, asking the questions and transcribing the conversation like normal I sent the questions to Ally. I’m going to read/experience them like all of you do it every time. The italic green text that starts with Garrett: under each answer is my thoughts/opinions just for fun.

Hi! Today I am introducing the entire FRESH Boutique team. Meet Emily, Ally, Molly, and Holly.

I asked Ally 6 questions. Let’s get to it.

What motivates you to get up every day?

Ok, so I read one of my favorite quotes online the other day and this is definitely going to be my response to this question because I think it’s amazing. Someone was making a joke, asking what makes people motivated and energetic. They said they had gotten out of bed once and had been exhausted ever since. Someone replied with “You need to learn to hate life to the point where you want to get revenge on existence itself”. Very dark, but totally hilarious. And I think this is a great motivator because it ties into something I love, which is making people laugh. I don’t think anyone should take life, this quote, or themselves, too seriously. Which might explain why I think this very, very dark quote is a really, really funny way to get yourself motivated about your day ahead.

Garrett: I see you laughing at this quote every morning and that scares me. You do have unrivals energy though. It must be working. I love it.

In one sentence, what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Oh man. This is rough. I would have been 13… eek. So that would put me in middle school. And everyone hates middle school. I’d tell myself that the issues and problems that I will face then and in the years to come are not world-ending, all-consuming drama bombs like they appear. Does that count as one sentence?

Garrett: Nope. That’s more than a sentence. Also, Drama bombs. Never heard it referred to as that. So awesome.

If I gave you $10,000 right now what would you do with it?

Is it in cash and can I roll around in it? I’d pay my parents back for the car I crashed (sorry mom and dad!) and send them on a nice vacation to Italy. So that would probably leave me with $3000 left… I think? Math isn’t my strong suit. Anyway, $3000 left. Put $1000 in savings, donate $1000, and have fun on the last $1000. I have no idea what “have fun” would entail, but I think $1000 would cover it. OH MAN. Does it cost $1000 to swim with sharks? I’d use the $1000 to go in a shark cage and see great white sharks. Maybe take that other $1000 out of “savings” and bring my friend, Mary. Who is also obsessed with sharks. It’s SHARK WEEK. I bet we could also get matching shark costumes. I don’t think we’d be allowed to go into the cages with them, but that seems like an amazing picture. Two girls in full-body shark costumes in a tank next to real, live sharks in the ocean. Sounds like $10,000 WELL SPENT.

Garrett: If you dressed as Left Shark from the Superbowl and went swimming with sharks… now that’s $10,000 spent right.

Why do you love Charlotte?

I love Charlotte because of the people. I know that’s a very basic answer, but it’s true! I’m very lucky because a large group of my friends from college moved here after college which makes it an even more fun place to be. Or it is it funner? Oh, I always get this wrong! It’s a much more enjoyable place in which I can pass the time with my companions? Anyways. That. Charlotte is an up and coming city with up and coming people. I’ve been able to keep old friends and make new ones, and so far, it’s going really well! I could always use new friends, though. Hello, strangers!

Garrett: People, People, People… well said.

If you could transform into a food what food/dish would it be and why?

OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY. This is so hard. BUT I’VE GOT IT. Ok, so, shameless plug here, I would be a Pig Mac from Papi Queso Food Truck. If you’ve never had one, see you at Fresh on Saturday because you need this in your life. First off, it’s a grilled cheese. YUM. But it gets better. It’s a grilled cheese with pulled pork, caramelized onions, and mac-and-cheese. Holiest of holy grilled cheeses. That, plus an ice cold rootbeer? YESSS. Hands-in-the-air-in-praise emoji. Food touchdown. Why? Well A… I’m hoping that this means Brian, aka Mr. Queso, will give me free grilled cheeses from Papi Queso for life, but also, B… the Pig Mac is something you enjoy, and you enjoy a lot, with friends. You eat it at a food truck with your buds, then after you’ve realized the cheesy goodness that it is, you tell everyone you possibly can so that they too can experience and enjoy this gem. I want people to love me like I love this sandwich and tell their family, friends, strangers, about me so that they want to love me too. Yup, I want to be a grilled cheese because grilled cheese is hot and cheesy and so am I.

Garrett: I love that this is your longest answer. Also, hot and cheesy. LMAO.

Tyler Harding asked what would your last meal be if you could choose?

Glad I got this semi-morbid question. Got to focus on the food part, though. I’m having a hard time deciding! Do YOU know? Is queso and chips and guacamole a meal? Can I make it a multi-course meal? Do I get to invite people to this meal? AHHHHH. Sushi. I’m choosing sushi. From the best restaurant in the United States because I like the westernized version. But the fanciest, most expensive, most delicious sushi restaurant in the United States. That is where I’d like to have my last meal. As many different rolls as I can eat. With as many different friends and family as I can invite. A huge party with my favorite people and food. And sake bombs. Sounds awesome.

Garrett: You had me at queso. Though ALL the sushi rolls and sake bombs sounds like a divine way to spend a last meal. Also, friends and family. Killed it.

You can find Ally on Twitter @AllyGartner though her tweets are protected… they are secret tweets… shhhh. You can check our her Instagram here. This on the other hand is not protected so get on in there!

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