Rachel Martin

Hi! Meet Rachel. If I had to pick one word to describe her it’d be extraordinary. Her work as a designer. Extraordinary. Her desire to make the world a better place by only working with socially conscious businesses. Extraordinary. Her ability to light up a room with her smile. Extraordinary. She’s someone I wouldn’t mind running into every day. That would be… well, extraordinary. Also ask her about the local food alphabet photography series she’s doing. It’s awesome. You can see some of it here on her Instagram.

What is your passion?

My life and how I live it is driven by my passion for design. I’m really focused on sustainability and socially responsible design. Also how things are designed and how user experience is effected by it. Whether i’m walking down the street or i’m eating in a restaurant, let’s say a food experience. It’s all related to design. I see it everywhere.

What frustrates you?

Hmmm… what frustrates me? Lots of things. Bad drivers in Charlotte definitely frustrate me.

What’s your greatest indulgence?

Food, craft beer and crazy craft cocktails. That’s probably a passion too. Food and drink.

If you were a wrestler what would your entrance song be?

I like some good 80’s hairband music. We’re not gonna take it by Twisted Sister or Def Leopard pour some sugar on me. This is terrible. Oh man. I’m going to hate reading this later.

If you could have a conversation with someone that is no longer living who would that be and why?

Probably my grandfather or grandmother on my dad’s side. I don’t know as much as I would like about my family history and I would love to just pick their brains. I love history and stories when I meet people and I lived so far away from them so I never really had the chance to hear about their childhoods and life. When I was younger I couldn’t have cared less but now that I’m older I look back and wish I had just listened a little more.

Savannah asked what are three physical things you love about yourself?

My smile. Maybe my hair somedays, usually second day dirty and my feet.

You can find more of Rachel’s work on her site here or follow her on Twitter at @Rachellmartin. She also just made Charlotte Agenda’s top 31 designers in Charlotte list.

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