Randall Mardus

Hi! Meet Randall. Founder of the app Giusto and former cook for New York City Chef Michael White. We met during Queen City Forward’s ImpactU program. He’s awesome. Oh and he also makes one badass cheesecake. I asked him five questions. Andrew Au who I introduced yesterday asked him one.

What does your perfect day look like?

Let’s see. It includes all of the following. A little cooking, being active and playing some pickup basketball or softball. Reading something that stimulates my mind. Spending time with my girlfriend in some way, shape or form. Talking to my sister and my nephew and hearing the latest from him. Oh! Definitely dancing with my girlfriend… in a silly way.

What motivates you?

Usually some sort of chip on my shoulder.

If I gave you $1,000 right now what would you buy?

Something that would better my business. Something that would better the lives of my employees who have been faithfully hanging on for very little compensation.

Do you see the world as zero-sum or positive-sum?

Probably positive-sum. Before getting into coding I definitely saw a lot of grey everywhere. Coding has forced me to simplify how I think a little bit. I don’t like to go to zero-sum cause I don’t think that’s realistic of life in general but it’s clarified myself a little.

What is your least favorite personality trait in yourself?

I’m a wee bit too intense at times.

*Andrew’s question: What’s the last thing you watched on YouTube or Netflix?

House of Cards Season 3.

You can find Randall on Twitter @phineaschubbs or check out his site here.

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