Tim Cheadle

Hi! Meet Tim. We met at @809 back in September 2014 and have since become great friends. We share a common interest in bringing awesome people together. He loves the concept of co-working and seeing what happens when talented people come together. He’s also been my new dad support group which is awesome and has helped me through some tough times during the first four months of my daughters life. He’s awesome. Also, ask him about Bourbon, his time at Google or his mission to provide the ultimate customer experience.

Where does your drive come from?

My drive comes from pursuing the lifestyle that I want. Rather than chasing money or any sort of possessions, anything like that we moved here knowing that we wanted to start a family, work from anywhere and not be beholden to somebody else’s schedule. We really wanted to enjoy our professional lives just as much as our personal lives. That is my biggest motivation.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Bourbon. I buy way too much bourbon.

In one sentence, what advice would you give yourself ten years ago?

That’s a good question. Focus on saving money but don’t focus on money.

Where would you move to live the rest of your life if you could only move one more time?

My gut feeling is Boulder, Colorado. I’m gonna throw that out there. I love the Western United States. I love the mountains. I love the food. I like being able to travel to other places really easily and Boulder has all of that.

What is your least favorite trait about yourself?

I try to over optimize. I have grass is greener syndrome.

Amy Chiou asked Tim if you had a set of day of the week underwear what is your favorite day and what color are they?

Friday and orange. Without hesitation. I love Friday and orange is my favorite color.

You can find Tim hanging out at @809, on Twitter @timcheadle or contact him through his company Rational Means.

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