Food Fights, Amy, Tim, Being Uncommen & More

Hi friends,

Yes! My first full #WeLoveCLT week back in the swing of things. The new format & schedule feels great. Thanks again for all the support while I figure that out. So here we are. It’s Saturday. The weather looks great. I’ll be judging Charlotte Food Fight! There’s still tickets left. I hope to see you there.

The two “Have You Met?” and one “Have You Supported?” from this week are below. Amy, Tim & Dee of Uncommen are awesome. I’m honored to know them all. I asked them all five questions. One person I intro’d previously asked them each one.

For those that RSVP’d to the Jeff Jackson talk you’ll remember telling me one awesome thing about yourself. Each week I’ll share two awesome responses I received.

  • Alexis Jo Bruce is a music manager of many genres of music and a classically trained singer who loves Broadway.
  • Frank Schwartz loves Elvis. Uh huh!

Have You Met?

Civic activist, connector, entrepreneur, queso lover, Eminem, Taylor Swift & politics. Have you met Amy?

Problem solver, developer, supportive, family man, customer service guru & bourbon enthusiast. Have you met Tim?

Coffee, conversation, technology, education, family. Have you supported Dee of Uncommen? #CLTnonprofit

Before I head out for the day here’s a couple other things I’d love to put on your radar.

I’ve had some folks voice concerns about calling the weekly Charlotte non-profit feature “Have You Supported?” because they associate support with money. To me support could be anything from a high five, a tweet hello and keep it up, to a donation of some sort. It’s anything. Just a good ole “Love what you’re doing” can seriously help fuel the passion. “Have you supported?” stays the same.
Check out the “Why Do We Love Charlotte?” video created by John J. Miller. It’s freaking amazing. Watch it here.

We’ve locked down a food sponsor for the next talk. We’ll be announcing that soon. If you haven’t already RSVP’d go here. We’re pretty booked up but I’m leaving it open to account for the people that drop off last minute. It happens.

A huge thanks to NODA Brewing, QC Independent and HappeningsCLT for sponsoring the next event. Ya’ll make it bigger, better and more awesome. The support is truly appreciated.

Thanks to Chrissie Beth for the Food Truck photo. Check out her blog Off the Eaten Path. It’s awesome.

That’s it! Go be awesome.

-Garrett Tichy

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