Aaron Dodge

Hi! Meet Aaron. There’s very few people I know in real life that have a true knack for comedy. It’s a skill. Funny all the time is hard. Aaron is that person. He’s hysterical. I think consistency is everything and he nails it 100% of the time. We all need a little more laughter in our lives. Get to know Aaron. It’s a guarantee. He’s awesome. Also, ask him about the time he set up a camera in the front yard of his house and danced in the snow. I have stomach pains I laughed so hard.

What is your passion?

My passion is definitely making people laugh. For sure. Everyone always tells me that I missed my calling to be an actor. My entire life I’ve heard you remind me a lot of Jim Carrey. I get that a lot. I’d say that’s my passion.

If you were a wrestler what would your intro song be?

I would probably have to say Skrillex Bangarang. I have a different one if that’s not ok. No? Ok cool, then Skrillex. I just started listening to dubstep a couple years ago and Skrillex is awesome.

What frustrates you?

Ohhh. 100%! On social media when people post something and then like it in general OR like it before anyone else likes it. It bothers me because obviously you like the post because you posted it. Why would you post it if you didn’t like it? I’m sorry. Huge pain point for me. Sorry.

If you could move somewhere to live the rest of your life where would you move?

I’m gonna go with… this might be cheesy but I don’t see myself ever moving far from my family so I could see myself living in Charlotte for a long time. If I take my family out of it I’d say Sydney Australia. I have a college buddy from South of Sydney and he talks about it like it’s the greatest place in the world. I also worked on my Australian accent a lot in college. I think I could really work well there. Good day mate.

What’s your perfect day look like?

A perfect day for me is waking up, bacon and eggs for breakfast, then literally doing something outside all day. Could be a workout, then popping around the city. Love sand volleyball and we have that at VGBG now. Music festivals, outdoor festivals, breweries. I’m addicted to really good sunsets. Anything athletic inclined. Freedom park, knights game.

Addie asked what was your screen name in high school?

RinMan156. AaRON so Rin. My baseball number was 15 and my basketball number was 6.

You can find Aaron on Twitter at @Mr_Aaron_dodge.

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