Brigitte Acosta

Hi! Meet Brigitte. Another Twitter turned IRL friendship. I try to break down those digital barriers and meet as many people IRL as possible. I can definitely say Brigitte is without a doubt one of the more fascinating people I’ve met. I try to keep my meetings very scheduled because they can quickly get off the rails. This is one that I’d wish I had left a little more time for. She’s interesting and doing some awesome things here in Charlotte. Ask her about Share Charlotte or if she’d take the red pill or the blue pill.

What is your greatest indulgence?

I really do enjoy watching movies. I’m not a film buff but for a long time I was obsessed with foreign movies and I just loved seeing and experiencing different cultures and how people reacted to them. I like perspective so I guess my greatest indulgence is other people’s perspective.

What frustrates you?

I get frustrated when people ask me what I do. Only because there’s so much more to who we are than our jobs and who we are as a person and what defines me. Whenever I talk to someone I like to ask them different questions, things that start a conversation. Maybe we’re out and they are drinking a unique looking drink or they’re reading a magazine I’m unfamiliar with. I’ll ask them about those things. I feel like I’m very good at starting a conversation. I’d rather lead in with those type of questions.

How do you think people would describe you?

My friends say that I am very extroverted and fun to be around. I think some people would describe me as fearless. Someone that just does things on the fly. How would I describe myself? I’m just curious about everything. I really do like experiencing different things, traveling and getting outside my own box. People don’t know what I’m about when they look at me so I try really hard to flip the script.

Tell me 3 physical things you love about yourself?

This is a new one. This is good. A lot of people don’t like their hair. I love my hair. I’m not going to lie. So that’s one. I really like my eyes. I always get compliments on them whether they’re expressive or something. They definitely portray my personality. The last thing I like about myself are my hands. A long time ago I thought to myself if I didn’t have this many scars on my hands I could definitely be a hand model.

Katie Levans wanted to know about your parents.

Wow, I could go on and on. Both of my parents are my best friends. I’m an only child. This is going to sound weird. My parents are very friendly people but they are also kind of to themselves. They really rely on each other for companionship and friendship. And so I seem how they are. Very individual and independent. My dad, he is his own person and he’s very caring and respectful. So a friendly guy but he doesn’t change for other people. My mom is very similar to that. I’ve always had my parents to look up to. They always said people would love me for who I am. I don’t need to change how I am to get people to love me. Some people won’t like me and that’s ok. They’ve instilled a huge sense of confidence in me growing up.

Steven Radney said tell me about a great experience you had in a team setting.

Hmm. I’ve had so many. I’ve met so many people in my life along the way. So many people have contributed to my self-discovery. I don’t think I can think of one instance. Ok, here. It’s actually related to my job since I really enjoy the people I work with. When we were organizing the giving Tuesday campaign for Share Charlotte I was working with all women. I was still learning about the non-profit scene. What I loved is that there was so much creativity and collaboration. Nothing was off the table. It was just a matter of honing in on things that really touched us as an individuals and I think that team experience really helped me love Charlotte a little more.

You can find Brigitte on Twitter @brihjit.

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