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Hi! Meet Kelly. I met her and her husband John last week through CLT Food Fight and continue to be amazed by the passion and drive to make a difference. It’s not just something they do. It’s a part of their culture and something I aspire to engrain in the little family I’m trying to grow on my own right now. They are truly inspirational. Kelly organizes Purses With A Purpose. Her big event is this Saturday, May 9th at the Ballantyne hotel. From what I can tell it looks like quite a few ladies line up REALLY early to get first dibs on the purses. Be there… it’s awesome.

What is your passion?

Ultimately just making a small smudge on the world and making a difference in ways that’s comfortable and meshes with our lifestyle. For John and I it really struck a chord with us when we started a family and had little people around all the time. It makes you think someone is watching every little thing I do and say. It eally makes you want to set a good example and put our best food forward. I’d say it brought out what was already inside of us. Let’s see what we can do locally and it it happens to grow and keep on going then all the better. That’s what we feel like. It’s family culture.

What frustrates you?

I’d say the complete opposite of what I said. People that can’t see the forest from the trees. I think what I realized from doing Purses with a Purpose is that it’s little and I get that but that’s ok for me. But so many people say If I can’t raise a million dollars then why raise the first dollar. When if they just kept asking and pushing and after the 20th no you get a yes it would break down a huge hole in the wall and make a doorway to all sorts of opportunities. I’m completely normal. I’m a mom, a wife, doing laundry and all that stuff and I’m able to do this. I picked purses. What’s your thing? It’s right there but they just don’t take the first step. I can do it so why can’t they.

What’s your go to escape activity for yourself?

My uniform combination is a perfect book and a waterfall. John and I just discovered through Pinterest this water here in North Carolina. I told John we need to go HERE but it ended up being on private property. Turns out the owners are really cool and they’ll let you come park and experience it all. So escape for me is a perfect waterfall in North Carolina. Pitch a lawn chair in the shallow part of the water, John and the kids in front of me, the perfect book and maybe a great drink right next to me. That’s my fuel.

How do you think people would describe you?

Giving. That I am a pleaser. I like everyone to have a good time. I’m that person that will just knock myself over and wear myself out to ensure someone has a good time. Perfectionist to a fault and that it gets in my way at times.

What was your screen name in high school?

Oh no, see I’m so vanilla and high compliance. It was just the first part of my first and less name and the year that I was born. That’s it. Sorry i’m vanilla.

McKenna asked what is your favorite hangout spot in Charlotte?

Oh god. I’m such a nerd. {laughing} Target.

What’s one thing you’d like to do in Charlotte in the next 3 months?

It looks like I need to find a new hangout spot so just getting out there and seeing more of the city.

You can find Kelly on Twitter at @PursesWAP and check out her event THIS Saturday the 9th. The information for that is here on Facebook.

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