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Hi! Meet Beth. I met her working on a project for Green Teacher Network so I’ve seen first hand the passion and drive to make a difference. I’m a pretty positive, happy person but Beth takes it to a new level. People that always smile have a skill. Beth has this skill. She’s awesome and making it happen here in Charlotte. Show your support. Give her a shout and say keep up the good work. Also, ask her about her haircut as a child or her unrivaled goofballness.

What is your passion?

Overall, just making the world a better place. As cheesy as that sounds I want leave it better than when I came into it. My passion is food nutrition and those sort of things so helping people realize that food is medicine and it impacts your longevity, your quality of life. Those sort of things would be my passion.

What frustrates you?

One of the things that I’ve encountered here in Charlotte but is getting a lot better is all these different groups that are working towards the same thing but not together. Uniting all the powers and blow it up. Ya know, make it happen and in a bigger way. It frustrates me that we’re not getting it all done together.

If I gave you $10,000 right now what would you do with it?

$10,000. That’s a good chunk of money. I’d love go on a trip to Europe. Maybe bank some of it. Non-profit wise, there’s so many things we could use it for. I’d say just use it in creative ways to spread GTN’s cause.

What has been your hardest trial and how did it change you?

I would say my hardest trial both personally and professionally was SEED20. It was incredibly hard and time intensive but it changed me and opened up my eyes. I met so many other non-profits doing awesome things. I met a lot cool people that are incredibly supportive like Hannah Levinson. It was incredible. But it was hard to go through all the motions and not make it to the top in the end. Putting your all, your heart into something and not being able to go to the end was really defeating. But it’s all about picking yourself up, learning from it all and continuing to make it happen.

Tell me something incredibly embarrassing about yourself that you don’t usually share?

Andrew asked What is missing from Charlotte that would support non-profits?

I would say some sort of organization that gets all these creative minds together. Example, we need a graphic designer or people on our board that are financially savvy cause I’m not. An organization where people could go and say I really want to help. The organization then based on their passion puts them in touch with non-profits that need the type of services they offer. In our case they would put a graphic designer in touch with us as opposed to us trying to find a designer that understands the non-profit space and budgetary restrictions at times.

Eric Halili asked If you have the ability to change one thing about Charlotte, what would it be?

I would make it more walkable/bike friendly. I can have a touch of road rage at times (I may or may not have laid on my horn twice today) and would love to get rid of my car if I could.

You can find Beth on Twitter at @BethMark21. Check out GTN Charlotte and show your support. This is a simple as saying awesome job, love what you’re doing or maybe a high five.

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