I bit off more than i could chew

Hello friends,

I wanted to update y’all on the #weloveclt initiative, how I am feeling, what’s changing and what’s coming up. Bear with me here, while I get a couple things off my chest.

So how am I feeling about it all? I love it. More than almost any other project I have ever worked on. In three and a half short months I’ve met hundreds of new people. Awesome people. I’d never give it back. The support has been unrivaled. Just mind blowing.

With that said, I’m exhausted. This is no ones fault but my own, and is really just a side effect of being so freaking excited about all of this that I really can’t stop. I understand that I need to slow down though.

I need to make some changes. I’m one person, and putting on a monthly event, creating daily content and producing a podcast a few times a month, on top of co-owning a marketing company and being a new dad. This is starting to feel nuts. I’d rather put 110% into less things than 50% into all the things. I want to provide something awesome, like ridiculously awesome.

So going forward here’s what’s happening.

1. The Speaker Series is my priority. It’s the foundation of everything I’m doing. Putting awesome people in one space has always been the goal. The event will still be one speaker, a 30 minutes talk, once a month. The difference is we are going to make the event longer. This means more time to have a conversation. We’ll be seeking sponsorship to cover food, as we will be bleeding into the dinner hours. For those coming to this weeks talk by Ted Williams. We can’t wait to see you there.

2. “A Conversation With” is going away. This saddens me because I’m a podcast nut. I was attempting to work out a way to have others produce this, but it didn’t pan out quick enough and I need to make moves, for my own sanity.

3. “Have You Met?” will only release on Mondays & Wednesdays via the site, Twitter & Facebook.

4. “Have You Supported?” where we feature a Charlotte non-profit will release each Friday. The response to this has been phenomenal.

5. #WeLoveCLT Adventures are staying. I like these and provide unique insight into others day to day. Interested in doing an Instagram takeover? Email weloveclt@gmail.com.

Daily Newsletters are going away. I had to create these each and every night which was actually fun, but most of the time happened at 1-2am in the morning. I wasn’t sleeping. Turns out I’m not a robot.

Moving forward, you will receive emails for the following things.

1. Once a month Speaker Announcements & RSVP openings

2. Once a week on Saturday Morning: This is replacing the daily. This will include the updates from the week including the two “Have You Met?” and the “Have You Supported?”. We’ll also include some other cool things going on. Again, once a week. No more daily’s.

I keep saying this and it’s true. I’m have a freaking blast. Thank you for your continued support.

-Garrett Tichy

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