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Hi friends,

It’s been a week. The speaker series always leaves me freaking energized. So much awesome in one place. Ted Williams killed it. If you missed him talk about “Grinding” and “Being Psycho” this week you’ll be able to listen to the audio right here. It will be published at some point today. You can also subscribe to it as a podcast via iTunes.

There’s always so many things I miss the first time around in each talk. I love scouring Twitter for what people take from the conversation. It fascinates me how each talk effects everyone differently. I won’t spoil anything. Go listen. So neat. I’d love your feedback or thoughts. Reply or use the comments section on the page.

The next speaker is Jeff Jackson (Not the Senator). RSVP’s are open. Get on that and go here.

I was introduced to Jeff through his book MIRA CORPORA. It was a unique way to get introduced to him and I recommend going that route. Read it, please… I want to talk about it with someone. I’d also love to see you all bring questions about the book to the talk. That’d be cool.

I’m basically just leaving the RSVP page open. There’s 100+ people already which is at capacity but rather than build a waiting list and having to track people down to tell them to come last minute I’ll just account for a 25% drop off rate. Seems like a good plan to me.

A huge thanks to NODA Brewing, QC Independent and HappeningsCLT for sponsoring the next event.

Also, I asked people in the RSVP form to tell me one awesome thing about themselves. I’m going to share a couple of them each week. These are great.

  • Stephanie Newman used to be an Opera singer. What?! So cool. We should do a duet… is that a thing in opera?
  • Tyler Wallace Harding makes a mean homemade pizza. I love pizza.

“Have You Met?” and “Have You Supported?” returns this week! Bookmark the Have You Met page or follow us on Twitter @weloveclt or like our page on Facebook. Otherwise you’ll receive all the updates in next Saturday’s email.

Go be awesome. Thanks to all of you for being supportive. It makes this so fun. I’m having a blast.


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