On a high note.

It’s 8:01am. It’s the weekend. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

Three days ago the #weloveclt speaker series came to a close. Ten months, ten awesome Charlotteans sharing stories and personal anecdotes. When it comes to Charlotte, loving it and it’s people Hyong Yi was the perfect person to bring it all together. He’s helped me truly understand what I’m doing with #weloveclt. It was the perfect bookend for season one. We ended on a high note. The audio/video will be out soon.

What’s next? I’m not sure. I hope to take a couple weeks and figure out the best steps for moving forward. How do I go bigger and more awesome? Again, no clue. We’ll get there. They’ll still be “Have you mets?” and Insta takeovers in the meantime because they’re awesome. Stay tuned.

Now let’s get to it.

Photo by Ashley Bennet

Always be open to meeting new people.

A short week in intros with the speaker series event taking place. Here’s someone you should absolutely meet. She’s a wife, mother, great cook, role model, and most importantly a friend. Meet Cristina Gillespie of 28toLife. Intro by Ryan McClain.

After months of being persistent I finally gave in and let Tori Karlek introduce me in this series. If you’re interested in learning a little bit more about me (Garrett Tichy) give this intro a read. Tori, you’re awesome and this was unexpected. Thanks for being the best of friends.

Do you know someone awesome and want to introduce them to all of We Love Charlotte? Let’s make it happen. I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

Photo by the Kayla Dugger

Who do you love Charlotte?

In collaboration with designer Sam White each week we’ll feature one Charlotteans reason they love CLT beautifully handwritten by Sam herself. This week is @theCADaniels. “I can shape it’s identity”

Tell us why you love Charlotte here. Be creative. Be awesome.

#weloveclt on Instagram.

Each week I’ll feature three Instagram photos tagged with #weloveclt to be at the top of my weekly update. I chose photos from the final #weloveclt speaker series event. Who are they?

Design by Sam White

Instagram takeovers.

Here’s the awesome people and businesses that did takeovers this week.

If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go to weloveclt.com/takeovers,read the guidelines and fill out the form.

The wrap up.

It’s my daughters baptism today. She’s looking at me right now going da-da-da-da-da. Life is good. Enjoy your weekend.

That’s it. Go be awesome and give someone a hug.

Photo by Ariail Heath

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