Your Feedback Would Be Awesome.

It’s 10:53am. I’m still recovering from a Custom Shop food coma. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

While we’re in between #weloveclt seasons I’ve been thinking a lot about what this can all be next year. How can we make it bigger, better and more inclusive? I know I can’t do it alone. You’re all a part of this so I’m asking for a little feedback. It’s just 4 questions. Everything is anonymous. Thanks in advance for your time and support. Fill our the survey here.

Otherwise, let’s get to it.

Photo by Hannah King

New awesome people to meet.

Meet Angela & Ranjit of Youth Meditation, a local nonprofit that focuses on bringing meditation to all of our local youth with a particular focus on our low income children. Very awesome. Intro by Susan McDonough.

Meet Matt Olin, a kick-arse copywriter and branding ninja, an amazing husband and a wholeheartedly smitten dad to daughter Mirabelle. He’s also responsibile for bringing Creative Mornings to Charlotte. So awesome.. Intro by Laura Neff.

Do you know someone awesome and want to introduce them to all of We Love Charlotte? Let’s make it happen. I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

Photo by the Share Charlotte

Tag #weloveclt on Instagram.

Each week I’ll feature three Instagram photos tagged with #weloveclt to be at the top of my weekly update. Who are they?

Another week. 7 awesome takeovers.

Here’s the awesome people and businesses that did takeovers this week.

If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go to the guidelines and fill out the form.

That’s a wrap.

Again, your feedback is appreciated. Fill out the 4 question survey here. Let’s make #weloveclt completely bad ass next year.

That’s it. Go be awesome.

Photo by the Olly Yung

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