Dustin Adams

Hi! Meet Dustin. We met through mutual friends but just recently sat down and have a full on conversation. I appreciate his desire to cut through the BS and make real human connections. He has nothing to hide. That kind of honesty is what breaks down barriers. I love it. He’s awesome.

Also, ask him about Cruise Carts. He’s doing awesome things here in Charlotte. Things that have never been done.

What is your passion?

This is crazy to answer because there’s so many things I thoroughly enjoy doing. I’m passionate most about connecting with people. That’s not a bullshit answer. For me it’s truly all about meeting people, making that connection and then doing something awesome together. I’d also say building things and seeing them grow is my passion whether it’s a table or building a business. That start to finish accomplishment is where I get the most energized.

What frustrates you?

Ignorance, and I don’t mean that to be mean. Just simply not putting forth effort to achieve the things in front of you because your too lazy is ignorance to me. It drives me nuts. To ask someone to do something and for them to act as if they don’t know how to do it because they don’t want to do it. It’s my number one pet peeve in life.

What’s a perfect day look like for you?

I’d say a perfect day for me is getting into the shop and getting the carts out on the road. Then grabbing a group of friends and heading out on the lake. We live on the lake so taking the boat out, doing some wake boarding and just enjoying good company. Experiencing the sun and the water. Phew, that’s a perfect day for me.

How do you think people would describe you?

Intense is a word they would probably use. I can be very passionate about things that I’m involved with so intense on that side but also you’ll find with me that there’s two spectrums. Either intense or very laid back. I’d bet there’s two opinions there.

What advice would you give yourself 10 year ago?

Concentrate on what’s in front of you right now instead of what’s going to happen or expected to happen a week, a month or a year from now. I think that’s my largest setback in life is that I’m always looking too far ahead and because of that it puts me in freak out mode. I know that where I’m going there’s a long road to get there. If I just concentrated on right now and the amazing things that are happening I think I’d be a much more positive person.

Brigitte asked if you could either learn to play one instrument or learn one language what would it be and why?

I would say instrument and piano. I’m very envious of people who are musicians. It’s something that I can never grasp for some reason. I’ve given it a shot. Probably not 100%. I’m just very envious of that skill and their ability to play. I’ve been around a lot of piano people my whole life and it’s a beautiful instrument. It’s very relaxing and intimate. Not to mention pretty romantic.

You can find Dustin on Twitter @DustinAdams3 or cruising through Charlotte in one of his carts.

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