Fantastic … or AWESOME!

*photo credit: Amy Herman

Hi friends. There’s about 60 new awesome people that have never received these emails before. Welcome and thanks for the support. Charlotte is nothing without YOU. Let’s get to it.

So someone told me they think the word fantastic is better than awesome. I think they’re really wrong. I’m pretty sure I lost sleep over it.  Moving on. The have you mets for the week are Jolenna Mapes and Steven Radney. Our featured #CLTnonprofit is Emily Rester of Hospitality House. Honored to call them all friends. They’re awesome. Click the links to read their have you met. Pictures are below.

#instabeerupCLT was this past Thursday. It was awesome. I say this every month but if you’re missing out on this you’re doing something wrong. It is absolutely the best way to engage with new people in Charlotte IRL. The bar is low. Grab a beer. Meet someone awesome. See you in June. Location to be announced. Follow Corri Smith and Amy Herman for updates. They are awesome!

Katie’s talk in June is going to hit an all-time high on attendance. 135 people signed up before I was able to close it up. That’s 35 more than usual. Whoa! I know. And the waiting list continues to grow. It’ll be cozy. Lots of awesome people to meet. Beer from NODA Brewing and food from Fit You Meals. Get excited. It’s coming quick.

The #WeLoveCLT talk with Jeff Jackson has come and gone. I’m still marinating on so many things he said. I know some of y’all are reading the book you bought at the talk. If you missed it you can buy Mira Corpora from Park Road Books. Buy it, read it. So awesome. Also, audio from the talk is still coming. Stay tuned.

Here’s quick exciting news. We’re collaborating with Shop Pink Social. It’ll be awesome. Stay tuned.

Lastly, what are you doing this weekend? If you ever have an event coming up that you’d like me to share don’t hesitate to reply to this email. Here’s something happening today that looks pretty awesome.

That’s it! Be awesome,

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