Every Friday “Have You Met?” becomes “Have You Supported?”. We showcase one Charlotte non-profit each week but not the non-profit directly. We’ll focus on one person involved with it all. We believe that being supportive of anything is so much easier if you know the people behind the scenes are awesome. With that said…

Meet Carol Douglas of Camp LUCK. I have a soft spot for non-profits and charities that support children on any level. I have a 14 week old at home so all children related things really tug at the heart strings. When I read what Camp LUCK is doing I knew the people behind it had to be be amazing. Turns out that Carol is pretty freaking awesome. I asked her five questions. Andrew of Heart Meter who we introduced you to in last weeks Have You Supported asked her one.

What is your passion?

I love to travel. I love to immerse myself in other cultures. Just throw myself into atmospheres that are completely foreign to me and learn from other people and experience new things. It’s kinda like being a kid going into a completely new environment. Your mind is has no preconceived notions and you can experience something in a whole new way.

If I gave you $10,000 right now what would you do with it?

I would probably give a big chunk to Camp LUCK. Another big chunk to the Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage and probably rent a little beach house somewhere to bring my whole family together for a week. I love bringing my family together.

Who do you look up to?

I lost my grandfather in November to cancer and he was probably the most inspirational people in my life. He was one of those people that when you’re talking with him he’s there and actively listening and participating. He wanted to be there. I aspire to be that way when I’m around the kids or at work or really in everything that I could be doing. I want to be focused and there like he always was.

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I think since becoming involved with Camp LUCK I have gained a lot of perspective, especially being around kids that are dealing with heart disease on a daily basis. I think ten years ago I was probably in a place where I stressed about crap that didn’t matter. I don’t do that anymore.

What frustrates you?

I coach a high school girls softball team. I get frustrated when I see young people that aren’t confident in themselves. It’s extremely frustrating to me because I see all this potential in these great people and they don’t see it and you can’t shake it into them.

Andrew of Heart Meter’s Question: What is Charlotte missing?

From a non-profit standpoint I’m not sure this applies to just Charlotte. For me this is everywhere. It’s a mentality shift in all people about getting involved. I believe a lot of people don’t get involved because they don’t think they will make a difference. I feel like that’s what’s missing for non-profits. We want people to get involved because they are passionate, into it and understand that even the smallest thing can have a huge impact. Otherwise I think Charlotte is awesome. It’s the perfect size. I love the people here, the professional sports. The city is clean. Though I wish the beach was a little closer.

Camp LUCK offers support for families with children with heart disease by providing a healthy worry-free and medically supervised camp environment where children and their families have opportunities to reach their potential by building self-esteem, friendships and character. Learn more at

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