What makes Charlotte tick?

It’s later than usual. 2:02pm. It’s the weekend. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

I hope to see you all at the Mayoral Candidate Forum this week. Shout out to Amy Chiou#wtfwevote and Charlotte Agenda for putting this all together.

I just recently started dipping my toes in local politics. I’m determined to learn it all. If we’re going to make Charlotte more awesome we absolutely have to understand the inner workings, what make’s it tick and who is making decisions for us. See you there.

Now let’s get to it.

Have you met and supported?

We have four awesome intros this week. First up Zack Wyatt of Carolina Farm Trust. Our weekly #CLTnonprofit is creating a unique platform to support regional farmers. So awesome.

Then we have Tamu Curtis of Liberate Your Palate, Alyssa Gorelick, our next speaker and a special guest introduction of John Horne by Bernie Petit. My favorite thing about the intros this week are just how different everyone is. We have non-profits, cocktails, marketing, #creativeNinjas, chefs, soccer. All of these things. What connects us all? Our love for Charlotte. Meet them. They are awesome.

Do you know someone awesome and want to introduce them to all of We Love Charlotte? Let’s make it happen. I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

Did you miss Andrew in August?

The audio is live! Head right here and listen to Andrew’s talk from a couple weeks ago. It’s awesome. You can also find us on iTunes by searching weloveclt. A huge thanks to Andy Goh for the quick turnaround here.

Photo by the Hannah Levison

Who do you love Charlotte?

In collaboration with designer Sam White each week we’ll feature one Charlotteans reason they love CLT beautifully handwritten by Sam herself. This week is Michelle Murchison. “Authentic People Creating & Changing”

Tell us why you love Charlotte here. Be creative. Be awesome.

#weloveclt on Instagram

Each week I select one Instagram photo tagged with #weloveclt to be featured at the top of my weekly update. This week I chose three because of how many awesome ones there were. In order left to right above.

Design by Sam White

Instagram takeovers

Takeover time! If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go to weloveclt.com/takeovers, read the guidelines and fill out the form. Here’s the awesome people that did takeovers this past week.

The Wrap Up

Sorry for the delay on this. I slept late today. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

That’s it. Be awesome.

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