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Have you met John Horne?

Dad life. Soccer. #CreativeNinjas.

Hi! Have you met John Horne? He’s one of the awesome people helping make Charlotte even more awesome. (“Awesome” is like cowbell – you gotta have more.)

I met John a few months after he moved from D.C. to Charlotte in August 2012, nearly three years before he became a full-time dad to Jack.

We hit it off because we both love good beer and Charlotte. And while that’s good enough of a reason to know John, you need to know him because of the cool stuff he does when he’s not changing diapers.

He’s a writer for the Crown Town Soccer blog focusing on the professional Charlotte Independence soccer team and co-host of the companion Crown Town Cast podcast. He also co-founded the Queen City Supporters group, so yeah, he’s passionate about soccer.

He’s also passionate about supporting “creative ninjas,” which is why he teamed up with Johnny Wakefield (you’ve already met him) and others to start the League of Creative Interventionists.

Basically, he’s manages to fit 25 hours’ worth of life into 24-hour days every day, which is awesome. So get to know him. I asked him six questions. His answers are below.

What frustrates you?

Dwelling on the past. I know that is funny coming from a guy with a degree in History. I think it is important to know what happened and understand what led to the outcome(s). However, I think it is vital to not get trapped in the quagmire of “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve” but to focus on how to proceed with the hand that has been dealt.

What motivates you?

I can thank my parents for many things in my life, especially my greatest motivating thought. From a young age, my parents taught my brother and me to make sure that when we leave this world we did everything we could to make it a better place. Every morning I wake it is my initial thought (besides where is my coffee) and my ultimate endgame. I want to make sure I have a positive impact. This drive has exponentially increased with the birth of our son.

In one sentence, what advice would you give yourself 10 or 15 years ago?

Stop putting off life. I don’t know if it was first child syndrome or what, but I always had this sense of responsibility. I am not saying that is a bad thing. However, I would delay life experiences to do what I thought was the responsible thing. Find that balance. Don’t be a 36-year-old Cubs fan that has still not visited Wrigley and kissed the ivy along the outfield. Today, my first priority is to enjoy every moment I can with my wife and son.

What is your favorite local beer?

Why do this to me? Before every Crown Town Soccer cast we share what we are drinking and I try to make sure it is always local. I love them all. But I am sure someone will say that answer is a cop-out so I will go with the beer that introduced me to the whole CLT scene: NoDa Jam Session. Of course, if you are a local brewery that would like to sponsor our show, I can be persuaded….

Why do you love Charlotte?

Growing up in Columbia, S.C., I had a different view of Charlotte. The only thing I thought it was good for was flying out of and Hornets games. After living in D.C. and moving back South, I have a completely different perspective. Charlotte is on the precipice of finding itself. It is an exciting time to be here. There is an active community that is no longer saying “Charlotte isn’t this” or “Charlotte doesn’t have that,” rather “Charlotte can be this” and “Charlotte will have that.” It’s invigorating. That’s why I love being part of the Charlotte League of Creative Interventionists. If there is a cool idea from the community, we can engage almost immediately and with passion. Those involved don’t feel like they are dictated to from on high. We are all in the dirt together, getting messy and having a great time as we use cultural experiences to communicate and build communal bridges.

What is your favorite hangout spot in Charlotte?

Courtyard Hooligans. When we first moved here, I felt out of place and happened to stumble across it. Calling it a hangout doesn’t come close to describing what it means to me. It has become family. The friendships I have developed and the great times that have been had there have just meant so much to me. The Hooligans family is what opened the door to having me fall in love with Charlotte.

You can read John’s thoughts about local soccer and other topics or follow his podcast here. To see what he and other creative ninjas are up in in #CLT, follow them at @cltcreatives.

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