Wow. Where Do I Start?

Hi friends,

I really don’t know where to start. The week was awesome. We have the introductions, Jeff Jackson, Katie Levans, Culture Fair, BLVDatSE, Cece & more. For those looking for the “Have You Met?” series meet Rachel Martin, Addie Holby and Katie Levans (our next speaker). They are all awesome. I asked them each five questions. Click the links above or the pictures way down below to read them.

[col size=”one_third”]jeff-email
[/col][col size=”two_third_last”]The #WeLoveCLT talk with Jeff Jackson happened this past Thursday and it … was … awesome. If I could think of a more awesome word than awesome I would use it here. I can’t though. Jeff killed it. Andy of QC Independent is hard at work editing the audio. We’ll have it up asap. Stay tuned. A huge thanks to NODA Brewing, HappeningsCLT, and @809 for helping make the event even more awesome.[/col]

I wanted to give a very special thank you to Fit You Meals for supporting #WeLoveCLT and sharing their passion with the entire room on Thursday. It came through in the most real human way when Maria shared their story. I loved it. It definitely gave me the feels. I also wanted to share a bit of an email they sent over to me this morning.

“Hi Garrett, We wanted to share our experience from last night and we must say it was incredibly humbling for us. We never thought in a million years we would be part of a movement that brings together such an amazing group of people. Especially because we are a new company and sharing with people what we do and what we are passionate about is a dream come true. We truly feel we are on the right track and it feels awesome. Thanks WeLoveCLT, thanks Garrett and thanks to everybody for the love and support. -JP & Maria”

So what’s next? Katie Levans is next! On Thursday June 18th she’ll be talking about how the stories we tell create, destroy and define everything. Get ready and RSVP today. We’re at 120 people already. That’s a lot of awesome. I unfortunately can’t leave it open much longer so don’t wait! And no Katie, I won’t cry. Also, I can’t thank NODA Brewing enough for offering to come back in June and support all this craziness! We love them.

I love supporting awesome Charlotte people and happenings. Here’s a couple quick shoutouts to wrap things up.

  • Culture Fair is this Sunday from 1-5 at the Chop Shop in NODA. It looks freaking awesome. Joel and crew over at Culture Initiative are great people making Charlotte a better place. More info here.
  • Jennifer of The Boulevard at South End needs your help. She is competing for a grant from Mission Main Street Grants. She’s awesome. Learn more & give her a vote here.
  • Check out Cece Stronach’s work here. She’s a local artist. I had the pleasure of accidentally meeting her in the funniest way this past week. So awesome.
  • Really digging the new C3 Labs space. I had an amazing time there during the #MktCLT panel for the Charlotte AMA. Nothing but awesome people. Check them out. I’m sure they’d be more than happy to give you a tour.

Lastly, take over our Instagram account! We want to see what you’re up to and show everyone. Check out this page for more details.

That’s it! No go be awesome,

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