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Have you met Addie Holby?

Creative Force. Voracious reader. Community supporter.

Hi! Have you met Addie?

Several years ago, Addie Holby migrated from the sunny South to NYC donning an expedition-rated down coat and puffy ski mittens to attend Pratt Institute. She would have been equally warm climbing Everest, but then she wouldn’t be able to brag about going to a school whose notable alumni include the likes of Robert Redford, Betsey Johnson and Rob Zombie.

I double dog dare you to find a more sincere person in this city. Really. Addie is genuine by nature, a designer by profession and the creative force behind the @809 vibe. She’s introverted in an extroverted way. She’s all about her family & friends. And she’s a voracious reader and avid movie fan.

It’s always fun to find out what Addie is reading, watching or listening to. Her wide-ranging interests mean that a Tweet from Tesla, a TED Talk on architecture or a Jimmy Fallon sketch are all as likely to be on her computer screen. No matter what the source of inspiration is, the resulting conversations are guaranteed to transcend the superficial.

One thing is for certain, if we ever get a chance to make a movie about Addie and her overall bad-assery, Emma Stone must surely play her part.

Without further ado, meet Addie Holby. I asked her 6 questions. Her answers are below.

What are you most passionate about?

I passionately hate questions like these, haha. here are some things that i enjoy: the design process and thinking creatively to provide a strategy and brand presence our clients can be proud of, supporting the library, giving gifts, being part of the Seismic team and watching our growth, sending snail mail, feeling healthy and strong through exercise, understanding Jesus and what He calls me to, anything with Lane, baking, and sitting on the beach with a book.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be and why?

buy stock in Apple? for obvious reasons?

If you had a day to spend with someone in Charlotte what would you do?

Pick up breakfast at earl’s or laurel market and walk the greenway from metropolitan to freedom park. make a necklace at Bead’s Inc. go to the farmer’s market and grab stuff for dinner. get a beer at Old Meck or NoDa, then back home to cook and have a few friends over.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Direct flights – which i think means that the real indulgence is time.

If I gave you $10,000 right now what would you do with it?

Stick it in a Roth IRA. i’m sort-of kidding but not really. probably save / invest most of it and give the rest away.

If you could master cooking one item what would that be and why?

Fish! seafood seems so easy, but i find it intimidating. I’d love to be able to nail it like those 12 year olds on Master Chef Jr. I mean get the seasoning, grilling / roasting / baking, presentation all down perfectly so I could do it with my eyes closed.

Save the date: September 19th is the Rock & Read 5K in Plaza Midwood.  It’s fun and for a fantastic cause: the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Foundation. I believe the library as an institution continues to step into communities around the world and meet the needs of every type of person, even amidst budget cuts and funding reroutes. our libraries provide access, opportunity, and resources to open the minds of kids, job seekers, students, and new citizens to dream big dreams and learn. they are the true connectors. we’d be lost without their leadership in literacy and steady presence specifically in Charlotte, so we owe them 3.1 miles, at the very least!

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