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Hi! Every Friday “Have You Met?” becomes “Have You Supported?” where we feature a Charlotte nonprofit by introducing you to one awesome person making it happen behind the scenes.

Meet Emily Rester of Hospitality House of Charlotte. I use the word passion a lot. A whole lot but it’s the reason I do #WeLoveCLT. When I heard Emily’s story. Why she is who she is and does what she does. It’s driven by passion. By using the experiences she’s had in life to ensure that people who go through similar things are taken care of. I’m floored by her willingness to give back, support others and do it all with an intense amount of energy without expecting anything in return. I’d bet she never stops. She’s awesome. I also had the pleasure of getting a tour of the HHoC house itself. They’re doing everything possible to ensure families in crisis feel as at home as possible.

Also, she introduced me to excited goats on YouTube. Heads up, that’s a deep dive that can steal so many hours from your life. Careful.

What are you passionate about?

Do I just have to choose one thing? I’m passionate about so many things. There’s not just one thing that makes me tick. Helping people is high on that list. I love helping people. It’s one thing that drives me through every day. I’m also passionate about my family, my friends, animals, everything. This is probably not a good answer. {I disagree}

What frustrates you?

When people are selfish. I don’t like selfish people. I truly believe that everybody in some way shape or form is here for a reason and can give back. I love to see how people give back.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Chocolate! or getting my nails done at a spa. I really like the spa.

If I gave you $10,000 what would you do with it?

Donate it all back. My husband and I are very blessed with what we have. We don’t need anything else. There’s so many people who I see struggle every day and they need it a lot more than I do. I’d also do it anonymously.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

I’m a hugger. I went to hug someone that I just met and they gave me the hands up, no hug please sign and rejected me. It was awkward and embarrassing.

In one sentence what advice would you give yourself ten years ago?

Don’t take yourself too seriously and give yourself a break.

Eric Hailili asked if you could add one thing to Charlotte that you’ve seen in another city what would it be?

Nashville has this really awesome entrepreneur program called Jumpstart. My sisters involved with it. I talk to my family every day and she always comes back to me and shares information about how it is benefiting her and her business. I wish we had more programs like this in Charlotte. It’s done amazing things for her.

HHoC is celebrating 30 years of helping families in medical crisis. Come join them July 22nd between 5-7pm at 1400 Scott Avenue right here in Charlotte. See the house, meet all the people and have a slice of cake. If you would like to bring a gift here’s a couple items on their wish list. Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Laundry Pods, Styrofoam cups, Coffee and Tea.

You can learn more about Emily on LinkedIn or by visiting the HHoC website.

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