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Have you supported Youth Meditation?

Angela and Ranjit smartly recognized that all of the many benefits that we adults receive from mindful meditation would be even more valuable for children.

Hi! Have you met Angela and Ranjit of Youth Meditation?

I am a big believer that nothing in this world is random and all things truly happen for a reason.

In March 2015 I was a nonprofit coach for the SEED 20 competition where I came to know Angela Gala and Ranjit Deora the Youth Meditation co-founders. Check out their SEED 20 video on the Youth Meditation website.

Meditation has long been one of the go to resources in my daily routine of wellness yet I had never even thought about it as a tool for our children. Angela and Ranjit smartly recognized that all of the many benefits that we adults receive from mindful meditation would be even more valuable for children. Bringing meditation education to our children and teens would equip them early on with the ability to calm their mind, learn to focus , destress (yes all of our children get stressed too) and have a go to skill that would last a lifetime.

Youth Meditation is particularly awesome because of their focus on bringing meditation to all of our local youth with a particular focus on our low income children. Funds raised by Youth Meditation are focused upon providing meditation programs for the low income children in our community. After learning about Youth Meditation back in March, I was drawn to support and advocate for Youth Meditation as I am inspired by nonprofit programs that bring smart solutions to our community.

I asked them 6 questions. Their answers are below.

What motivates you?

Angela: Possibilities and a need to share something that has changed my life for the better with others (Meditation).

Ranjit: Children with the brightness in their eyes and their enthusiasm for life. Also dispelling myths about what meditation is and is not.

What is your greatest challenge?

Angela: Helping people understand that meditation is a very natural, simple and elegant solution/tool to create clarity to their challenges/problems and thereby assist in solving them. Particularly for our children.

Ranjit: Encountering people who are unaware that meditation assists with stress management, bettering one’s relationships and bolsters health and happiness. Meditation works for all age groups – for our school children to our wise senior citizens

What is your favorite place in Charlotte?

Angela: My backyard Playing badmittion with my children

Ranjit: Noda in the evenings. Visiting the art galleries and being among people

What would you like to see happen in Charlotte in 5 years?

Angela: Charlotte will be recognized as a city where all citizens have taken responsibility and ownership for the success of every child.

Ranjit: Charlotte will be known as the Meditation City of the United States

If you could go back in time and change one thing about your life what would it be?
Angela: I would have learned to meditate as a child
..when I was 8 years old

Ranjit: As a child living in India, I wish I would have learned English

If you were given $1,000,000 today what would you do?

Angela: Finish funding the college fund for my children and fund program to provide a meditation program in every CMS school spanning elementary school children to our high schoolers.

Ranjit: Open a school in India to educate the girls in the untouchable caste
Where can we learn more about the person you’re introducing or get in touch with them?

Angela Gala and Ranjit Deora can be reached at 704.299.0200
Youth meditation is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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