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Miller Yoho

Hi! Meet Miller Yoho. Let’s get one thing out of the way. Best last name… ever. Miller is just a completely genuine dude. I’ve known him for a short time but am confident we’ll be friends for years to come. He’s been overly supportive of everything I do. We all need more people like that […]

Ally Frazier

Hi! Meet Ally, my Twitter friend turned #IRL friend. My favorite thing about Ally is her desire to always give back. I’m pretty sure everything she does has a charitable side to it. Completely awesome. Also ask her about Stix + Stones and the market she puts on for rad local vendors at the Daily […]

J. Adam McGalliard

Hi! Meet Adam McGalliard. We met because of this “Have You Met” series. I was a bit early to a meeting I had at CUBE NODA. He was there working in his studio space. I took my early arrival as an opportunity to meet someone new. Turns out he’s pretty freaking awesome. I asked him […]

Amber Donoghue

Hi! Meet Amber. Supportive people like her are the reason I keep doing what I’m doing. We met because of #WeLoveCLT. She’s been one of its biggest advocates. Ask her about Festevo and making music festivals a cleaner, more enjoyable experience. I asked her five questions. Kevin who I intro’d you to last Friday asked […]

Diana Mnatsakanyan

Hi! Meet Diana. She’s a barista at my favorite coffee shop The Daily Press in NODA. I’ve been working tirelessly on pronouncing her last name correctly. I love it… so unique. She also introduced me to the Duggars. 25 babies? Phew, That’s no joke. I asked her five random questions. Kayla who I introduced you […]

Kayla Dugger

Hi! Meet Kayla. She’s my partner at Ready at 7. I consider her the Tina Fey of my world. Ask her about her run as an improv master. She’s awesome. I asked her five questions. Randall Mardus who we introduced to you yesterday asked her one. What is your passion? I would really have to […]

Randall Mardus

Hi! Meet Randall. Founder of the app Giusto and former cook for New York City Chef Michael White. We met during Queen City Forward’s ImpactU program. He’s awesome. Oh and he also makes one badass cheesecake. I asked him five questions. Andrew Au who I introduced yesterday asked him one. What does your perfect day […]

Andrew Au

Hi! Meet Andrew. Some know him through his role as Community Organizer for Tech Talent South. Others through his reputation for having arguably the best gif/meme game on Twitter… I’m jealous. I asked him 6 questions. What is your passion? My passion is in community. Whether it’s finding community in things or creating a community. […]