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Steven Radney

Hi! Meet Steven of Seismic. I met him last October through working out of @809 (where we host the #WeLoveCLT speaker series). He has a skill. It’s called listening. When we have a conversation I can see that he’s actively participating even though he’s not speaking. Does that sound weird? Well, I think it’s awesome […]

Jolenna Mapes

Hi! Meet Jolenna. Full disclosure. I’m a self-proclaimed Pink Toast Fanboy. I’ve always been an admirer of the work they put out. It’s awesome. Knowing the people behind the scenes like Jolenna making it all happen make’s it even better. It’s driven by passion. I love it. I asked her five questions. Addie asked her […]

Wow. Where Do I Start?

Hi friends, I really don’t know where to start. The week was awesome. We have the introductions, Jeff Jackson, Katie Levans, Culture Fair, BLVDatSE, Cece & more. For those looking for the “Have You Met?” series meet Rachel Martin, Addie Holby and Katie Levans (our next speaker). They are all awesome. I asked them each five questions. Click […]

Katie Levans

Hi! Meet Katie. Our next speaker. I followed Katie (not creepily) for a long time. From Sweet Tater Blog and Honeystuck to Plateshare, Tresata, Charlotte Agenda and more. To be honest, she intimidated me. I felt more like a fan than a friend. Then we sat, had coffee and who would’ve thought. She’s human… just […]

Rachel Martin

Hi! Meet Rachel. If I had to pick one word to describe her it’d be extraordinary. Her work as a designer. Extraordinary. Her desire to make the world a better place by only working with socially conscious businesses. Extraordinary. Her ability to light up a room with her smile. Extraordinary. She’s someone I wouldn’t mind […]

Brigitte, Aaron, David, VTGCLT & More

Hi friends, There’s so many new people receiving this email. That gets me pumped! Welcome and thanks for supporting #WeLoveCLT. I have quite a frew awesome things to tell y’all about. Then I’m going to have some coffee and waffles from HEX Coffee. First time for me but I hear it’s legit amazing. The “Have […]

Aaron Dodge

Hi! Meet Aaron. There’s very few people I know in real life that have a true knack for comedy. It’s a skill. Funny all the time is hard. Aaron is that person. He’s hysterical. I think consistency is everything and he nails it 100% of the time. We all need a little more laughter in […]

Brigitte Acosta

Hi! Meet Brigitte. Another Twitter turned IRL friendship. I try to break down those digital barriers and meet as many people IRL as possible. I can definitely say Brigitte is without a doubt one of the more fascinating people I’ve met. I try to keep my meetings very scheduled because they can quickly get off […]

Awesome Women, Non-Profits, Insta Takeovers & More

Hi friends, That’s a wrap on this week. So what’s new? I’m obsessed with Instagram takeovers. If you haven’t been following check out WeLoveCLT on Insta. It’s 100% takeovers by awesome people giving insight into the awesome things they are up to. If you’re interested in doing this check out our takeover page and fill […]

Green Teacher Network

Hi! Meet Beth. I met her working on a project for Green Teacher Network so I’ve seen first hand the passion and drive to make a difference. I’m a pretty positive, happy person but Beth takes it to a new level. People that always smile have a skill. Beth has this skill. She’s awesome and […]