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Have you supported Heart Meter?

Providing Children’s Hospitals with video games, gaming systems, and accessories.

Hi! Have you supported Andrew Jenkins and Heart Meter?

Welcome to Have You Supported?! Each and every Friday we’ll be highlighting one awesome Charlotte non-profit but not the non-profit itself exactly. We’re going to introduce one awesome person making things happen behind the scenes. Our thing is you could have the most amazing cause, but if you’re a jerk no one will ever support you. Turns out Andrew Jenkins of Heart Meter is pretty freaking awesome. He donates video games to Children’s Hospitals. We asked him 5 questions.

I asked him 5 questions. His answers are below.

What is your passion?

If you were to ask me a year ago I would have a completely different answer. Now I would have to say my passion would be improving people’s lives. Especially people that aren’t really thought of and don’t always have the spotlight. That leads into what I’m doing with Heart Meter and why. Ever since the inception I knew there was a need and that I could actually help someone. Then actually meeting the people that benefit from it just adds fuel to my fire. It’s the most inspiring and motivational thing I’ve done so far.

Who do you look up to?

A lot of people. In the non-profit space I really think Charity Water is doing it right. They are amazing. is pretty great too. Outside of the non-profit space obviously my parents are a huge influence in my life. My father is super hard worker and has always told me for as long I can remember that anything worth doing is worth doing right so if you’re going to take time out of your day to do something make sure that you don’t half-ass it. Do it right the first time.

In one sentence what advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Be here now. Ok, so this is cheating cause you said one sentence but I like the explanation. I’ve always been real internal. I’m an introvert. I’ve spent a lot of time in my imagination and always have since I was a kid and I think that’s made me gloss over important things. I’ve been off somewhere else when I should have been here paying attention to what’s going on now. Focus on the now and be here.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Sneakers. I buy a lot of sneakers. I have 14 sneakers in my current rotation.

If I gave you $10,000 right now what would you do with it?

Buy a ton of tablets, XBOX ONES and WII U’s. There’s no scaling this. I wouldn’t buy office space or equipment. Every dollar I get goes into buying something for someone in need.

Follow Heart Meter on Twitter @heartmeterorg and Andrew Jenkins on Twitter @hiandrewjenkins. Check out his site here.

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