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Kelly DeMario

Hi! Meet Kelly. I met her and her husband John last week through CLT Food Fight and continue to be amazed by the passion and drive to make a difference. It’s not just something they do. It’s a part of their culture and something I aspire to engrain in the little family I’m trying to […]

Savannah Holder

Hi! Meet Savannah. She’s the designer of the #WeLoveCLT crown. A foster parent to all the puppies. An amazing friend who will always have you laughing. A World Explorer. All the things. Nothing stops her. She also just turned 24 and is doing a 2400 for 24 campaign with Charity Water. The goal of $2,400 […]

Food Fights, Amy, Tim, Being Uncommen & More

Hi friends, Yes! My first full #WeLoveCLT week back in the swing of things. The new format & schedule feels great. Thanks again for all the support while I figure that out. So here we are. It’s Saturday. The weather looks great. I’ll be judging Charlotte Food Fight! There’s still tickets left. I hope to […]


Welcome to Have You Supported?! Each and every Friday we’ll be highlighting one awesome Charlotte non-profit but not the non-profit itself exactly. We’re going to introduce one awesome person making things happen behind the scenes. Hi! Meet Dee of Uncommen. We met at the Daily Press in NODA. His passion for connecting the dots and […]

Tim Cheadle

Hi! Meet Tim. We met at @809 back in September 2014 and have since become great friends. We share a common interest in bringing awesome people together. He loves the concept of co-working and seeing what happens when talented people come together. He’s also been my new dad support group which is awesome and has […]

Amy Chiou

Hi! Meet Amy. When I first met her I told her I hated politics and that I rarely if ever engaged them. (I’ve never voted nor am I registered to do so). Instead of dismissing me outright she actively listened to my issues and followed them with a thoughtful response. Turns out she’s the first […]

I bit off more than i could chew

Hello friends, I wanted to update y’all on the #weloveclt initiative, how I am feeling, what’s changing and what’s coming up. Bear with me here, while I get a couple things off my chest. So how am I feeling about it all? I love it. More than almost any other project I have ever worked […]

Go Psycho

Hi friends, It’s been a week. The speaker series always leaves me freaking energized. So much awesome in one place. Ted Williams killed it. If you missed him talk about “Grinding” and “Being Psycho” this week you’ll be able to listen to the audio right here. It will be published at some point today. You […]


Every Friday “Have You Met?” becomes “Have You Supported?”. We showcase one Charlotte non-profit each week but not the non-profit directly. We’ll focus on one person involved with it all. We believe that being supportive of anything is so much easier if you know the people behind the scenes are awesome. With that said… Meet […]