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Teaching through hip-hop.

Hi! Have you supported Albert Carter & Hip-Hop University?

As a new father, more than ever I believe in childhood education. The steps we take to ensure the success of our youth is essential and should never be ignored. Albert and the team at Hip-Hop University are found a unique and awesome way to engage today’s youth. Mix hip-hop culture with Math, English and so on. This blend creates an environment that is exciting, fun and engaging. Should education be anything else? They are on to something. Meet them. Support them. They are awesome.

Here’s their mission statement.

Hip-Hop University’s mission and purpose is to provide mentoring and tutoring to assist youths in succeeding not just academically, but to soar into the future and uplift their homes, schools, community and future professions. Dropouts and prisons’ rates are extremely high in the urban communities; therefore, our establishment will teach North Carolina Standards with an emphasis in Math and English while integrating positive Hip-Hop culture that will be the motivating factor that brings forth initiatives and lasting learning skills for our youths. These core subjects will be provided by professionals with accreditations in teaching who truly care and aspire to see the youths excel academically and socially.

So awesome. Get engaged and learn more here.

I asked Albert 6 random questions. His answers are below his picture.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about the achievement of my students and youths in the Charlotte area. My commitment to my students and youth around Charlotte is a critical element of my success. I’m concerned with the development of my students and discovering how to keep students’ engaged in learning. I aim to cultivate the students’ curiosity and interest in learning through the hip-hop culture.

What frustrates you?

The thing that frustrates me is how hip-hop gets a bad reputation in some circles. There is a distinctive difference between rap music and the hip hop culture. Rap music is simply one element of hip hop culture. This element has become commercialized by the music industry. At the Hip-Hop University, I try to help students look carefully about how it is affecting them in academia, their home lives and in the community and use it to help influence students interest in learning.

What’s one thing you’d like to see in Charlotte over the next 5-10 years.

I would love to see Charlotte’s music scene be thrusted into the national spotlight. With so much talent in different musical genres this city is just one artist away from being a musical powerhouse.

Who do you look up to?

I look up to people that inspire me to grow. I have a few mentors in Charlotte such as Nasif Majeed, Al Austin, Mark Bruinooge, Bree Newsome, and Tiasha Wray.

What’s your favorite go to spot in Charlotte?

I absolutely love Soul Gastro Lounge in the Plaza Midwood section. The music is great, the atmosphere is amazing and the food is out of this world!

If you could go back in time and change one thing about your life what would it be?

I would have taken my education serious a lot earlier.

Get in touch with Albert & Hip-Hop University on Twitter at @hip_hop_univ or check out their site here.

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