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Have you met Stefanie Haviv?

Stalk her photography, follow her accounts, let her make you all the drinks.

Hi! Have you met Stefanie Haviv?

I met Stefanie while attending a “Girl’s Night Out” with some of Charlotte’s finest ladies at Customshop. We met at the bar as soon as they opened at 5pm and quite literally, took over their bar. After all, it’s 20% off when you dine at the bar, need I say more? Stefanie was the bartender on duty, and she made me quite possibly, the most delicious Moscow Mule that I’ve ever tasted. She was awesome and put up with our giddiness about being out on a Tuesday night. She took an amazing picture of us all at the bar, which by the size of us, took some skill. She asked questions and got to know some of us and told us about herself.

I learned that in addition to being a solid bartender, she does the social media for Amelie’s Bakery and takes some of the pictures for Customshop. But more importantly she’s got an incredible photography business! I may or may not have stalked her portfolio on her website after we met. Ironically, not long after we met, I was approached about a photography opportunity. Needless to say, I felt a little out of my element with the logistics of it all. So I was ‘that girl’, and sent her a random email, stating myself as “one of those crazy girls that took over your bar at 5pm”. I asked her some questions about photography and she graciously went above and beyond and answered my questions and then some. It was after this encounter, that I thought to myself, this girl is awesome and she’s uber talented.

Charlotte needs to know her. Cue this introduction. Stalk her photography, follow her accounts, let her make you all the drinks. It amazes me how many talented, humble and amazing people there are in Charlotte. Together they make the Queen City a tough one to beat.

I asked her 8 questions. Her answers are below.

How do you take your coffee?

Black. I like to take a cup of hot coffee topped with a tiny bit of iced coffee to bring the temp down. It helps speed up the caffeine to blood stream process. 😉

What is your greatest indulgence?

Food: Baguette, brie with fruit preserves.
Material things: Thrift shopping really rocks my socks (I’m slightly obsessed with Value Village, Goodwill and the Salvation Army)

What are you most passionate about?

Probably food photography—a combination of my favorite things!

what motivates you?

I’m always reminding myself that I have this one life to live so I have to use my time wisely. I want to look back at the end and be happy with my decisions and accomplishments. Keeping that in mind really lights a fire under my heels!

what’s your go to escape activity?

My horse Finnegan. Riding really clears my head. There’s nothing like a horse muzzle cuddle too!

Why do you love Charlotte?

Its diversity and its growth. Charlotte has turned into this magnetic metropolis, and it’s really attracting a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs that are helping mold a truly unique culture.

What is your favorite hangout spot in Charlotte?

Night: Twenty two for a night with friends or Customshop Handcrafted for a romantic meal with the hubs.

Day: Veterans park with my boys and dogs and Amélie’s French bakery NoDa for work.

What is the dorkiest thing that you do?

Oh my.. I think there’s a dose of dork in EVERYTHING I do…
I have this really bad habit when someone compliments my outfit… I tell them how much it costs and where I got it.. even if they’re a stranger! I am so freakishly proud of my thrift scores that you could come up to me and say “nice jeans” and I’ll shout “Salvation Army! $3.00!!” For the people who know me, it’s probably really annoying… but it’s become a nerd reflex of mine… oh well. 🙂

To get in touch with Stefanie, check out her stunning website: .. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: Stop by Customshop and enjoy a delicious cocktail made by Stefanie!

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