CLT’s neighborhood living room.

It’s 7:45am. It’s Sunday. I’m going to eat chili. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

I freaking love new ways to come together IRL and meet new people. Have you heard of the Neighborhood Living Room? It’s a pop-up public space put together by Varian Shrum, a K880 champion. It’s happening over at the Dilworth Artisan Station from the 15th to the 18th. Get out there and meet something new. Want to learn more? Check out this article on Charlotte Agenda or the Facebook event here.

This month is packed with awesome Events. If you haven’t heard of the CLT Storytellers you’re missing out. Their next event is on Oct 17th at the 7th Street Market. Check out the details here and don’t miss it. It’s $5.00 and totally worth your time. Come here awesome stories and meet someone new.

Now let’s get to it.

Photo by Vanessa Smith

Have you met these 3 awesome Charlotteans?

#weloveclt is all about being open to meeting someone new and having a conversation. This week meet Katy Hill introduced by Erin Maddrey. She’s just taking intro running her own creative shop.

Next meet Frank Schwartz introduced by Claire Bingham. We’ve been told he has an infectious personality and is ridiculous funny. Meet him.

Lastly meet Cece Stronach of #RuminateCLT introduced by myself. She’s one of my favorite people I’ve met since starting all of this. I truly believe in her and that she’s going to do some bad ass things in Charlotte.

Do you know someone awesome and want to introduce them to all of We Love Charlotte? Let’s make it happen. I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

Photo by the Sammi

Tag #weloveclt on Insta.

The #weloveclt hashtag has been used 6,346 times. That’s pretty ridiculous. Each week I’ll select three Instagram photos tagged with #weloveclt to be featured at the top of my weekly update. Who are they?

Innovation Challenge Plenty with QCF.

Queen City Forward is hungry for your ideas. Do you have an innovative idea for increasing healthy food access and eliminating hunger in Charlotte? Innovation Challenge: Plenty is a competition for entrepreneurs and individuals with innovative ideas to meet serious issues around food insecurity and hunger in our community. Apply now for your chance to win a cash prize of up to $10,000 and the chance to present your idea at a community event on November 12. The deadline for applications is October 22.

Photo by the Miss Waverly

Who do you love Charlotte?

In collaboration with the one and only Sam White each week we’ll feature one Charlotteans reason they love CLT beautifully handwritten by Sam herself. This week is Jen Malone. “I Love the Heart of the CLT Community”.

Tell us why you love Charlotte here. Be creative. Be awesome.

Another week. 6 more awesome takeovers.

If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go to the guidelines and fill out the form.

Design by Sam White

That’s a wrap.

It looks like today’s weather is going to be gorgeous. You’ll find me at the Dilworth South End Chili Cook-off. You can find details on the event here.

Lastly, I’m leaving y’all with a little treat from Tech Talent South. In honor of Betsy’s Hauser’s introduction last week TTS is offering 30% off any of their fall classes to all of you. Check out the site here and use the code WELOVECLT on checkout. Full disclosure: I receive nothing for any of y’all signing up. It’s just an awesome promotion.

That’s it. Go be awesome.

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