Talent, opportunity and engagement.

It’s 8:01am. It’s Sunday. I need coffee. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

Last week I mentioned the Knight Cities Challenge, a program that will award innovators with ideas that will effect one of three drivers for city success. Those key areas are talent, opportunity or engagement. The challenge is now accepting submissions. Submit your idea here. Build something.

Looking for a way to connect or disconnect? Local non-profit Digi-Bridge is throwing a #TBT Connect to Disconnect party at Earls Grocery on November 5th. All proceeds go to supporting local technology access for today’s youth. More information here. I’ll be there.

The lineup for Pecha Kucha, a local speaker series with a unique twist has been announced. Details can be found here. I highly recommend checking this out. It’s $10 and totally worth your time. See you there!

Now let’s get to it.

Photo by NODA Brewing

Meet these three awesome people.

This is an exciting week for this series. Each of these awesome people were introduced by guests of #weloveclt. Remember, I want to introduce all of Charlotte so make an introduction! I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

This week we had three awesome women making things happen in the QC. First up was Karen Hill of First Wind Cycling introduced by Heather Chaney. She’s a dreamer and entrepreneur. Next up was Betsy Hauser of Tech Talent South introduced by Michael Felder. As Michael puts it, she’s the jam. Our final introduction for the week is Taylor Slaughter of Sprouted Mag introduced by Ally Frazier. She’s equal parts entrepreneur and philanthropist. Meet them all. They are awesome.

Photo by the Bill Bruce

#weloveclt and NODA Brewing

To celebrate NODA Brewing, it’s new location in the North End area and the partnership we’ve had in #weloveclt since the beginning of the series I’m showing three photos by different people from grand opening event. All were tagged with #weloveclt. What an awesome night!

We also have a bonus one from Hannah Emme. Looks like date night in the QC. Love it.

A week in takeovers.

Here’s the awesome people and businesses that did takeovers this week.

If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go to weloveclt.com/takeoversread the guidelines and fill out the form.

Photo by the Hannah Emme

The Carolina Jubilee.

Local non-profit Carolina Farm Trust is seeking to raise funds to buy a large piece of land that will be affordably leased to local farmers to they can expand their own farms. They are throwing a Jubilee on October 16th & 17th to raise these funds. Come on down and support the cause. More details here.

That wrap up.

I’m in painting/building furniture mode. We’re working our butts off to get Hygge Coworking up and running. We have awesome partners and neat things happening here. I can’t wait to tell y’all about them very soon.

That’s it. Go be awesome.

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