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Have you met Taylor Slaughter?

Quick on her feet and snarky in her comebacks, she’s always ready and willing to have a conversation.

Hi! Have you met Taylor Slaughter?

Taylor is a Charlotte entrepreneur with a shark like business sense that compliments and motivates her passion for philanthropy and raising awareness for Chronic Illness. When she’s not planning events and speaking at public forums she’s working tirelessly on her newest venture, Sprouted Magazine, a plant based publication focused on healthy eating and ethical lifestyle choices. I like to call her the crazy plant lady, but when it comes to being vegan in 2015, and the environmental impact of our current eating culture, Taylor knows her stuff.

As a Jill of all trades I myself am constantly learning new things from Taylor about everything from business plans to vegan food preparation. Did I mention she can cook? Like REALLY cook. She also made me try Indian food for the first time and tofu. She loves to push boundaries and by default encourages other people to push their own. Quick on her feet and snarky in her comebacks, she’s always ready and willing to have a conversation with whoever she might meet. Taylor is one of the first people I knew in Charlotte, and some would even say she was a big reason that I moved here, so, maybe I’m a tad biased. But why don’t you read on below and find out for yourself what this crazy plant lady is all about!

I asked her 6 questions. Her answers are below her picture.

What are you most passionate about?

Cooking. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but I’m most passionate about food. I love to prepare and share food with loved ones and strangers alike. There’s nothing better than seeing somebody’s face light up with delight when they take a bite of something I’ve made. I’m also a vegan cook, so it’s especially rewarding knowing that I’m feeding people healthy foods that nourish them and delight their tastebuds. It’s euphoric for me. Veganism isn’t something I have in common with many people, so it’s a great opportunity to connect with people and share my love for plants and fantastic food with them.

What frustrates you?

Narrow-mindedness. It’s almost like some people are afraid that, if they open their minds to something, they’ll be forced to adopt it in some way. Regardless of the topic, many people are scared to see the other side of an argument. That frustrates me to no end because it’s so detrimental to society and to our growth as a species. Understanding creates the opportunity for compassion and acceptance, which can’t be done with blinders on. Without understanding and compassion, we’re all lost.

What’s one thing you’d like to see happen in Charlotte n the next 5-10 years?

Now that Charlotte is really creating its own space on the map, I’d like to see the unique personality of Charlotte take shape. The city planners and government officials have built Charlotte in comparison to other cities, like Atlanta, and while I understand that is how our growth started, I hope to see Charlotte come into her own. The Queen City is extremely unique. I’ve lived many places and I’ve never seen a city that compares to Charlotte. I hope to see the city, as an organization, embrace that more in coming years.

What is your go-to hang out spot in Charlotte?

I don’t hang out very much these days, but I enjoy going to Birdsong Brewing Co. for beers and then going for Indian food at Maharani. I have a next level addiction to Jalapeno Pale Ale and the “Communication Breakdown,” which is half Jalapeno Pale Ale and half Higher Ground IPA. It’s out of this world. Indian food is probably my favorite food in the world and Maharani is a good low-key spot with tons of vegan options and supremely delicious food.

Who do you look up to and why?

My grandfather, Sam A. Rankin. He was an entrepreneur and I feel like that’s probably where I get that side of my personality. He was a fighter pilot in WWII and, after the war, he came home to build a knitting company, Ramseur Interlock, from the ground up. He was a loving father, husband, and a wonderful grandfather. If I could be half the person he was, I would consider myself lucky. I think it’s always an inspiration when everyday people do extraordinary things.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

I’ve been fortunate enough to go to Hawaii twice and I would go back to stay in an instant. I love the cultural mix and the fact that Hawaii contains so many diverse ecosystems. You can see and do pretty much everything on the Hawaiian islands including water sports, hiking, mountain biking, and snow skiing. The islands have deserts and rainforests, but you’re never too far away from 85 degrees and a fresh coconut with a straw in it. The Hawaiian islands just captivate me.

Get in touch with Taylor at Sprouted Mag or on Twitter @pennysincharge.

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