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Meet Janine Davis of Girl Talk. Janine is a radio personality for the Beasley Media Group and Executive Director/ Founder of Girl Talk.

I met Janine for lunch, for the first time about a month ago.

There are very few people that strongly walk the line of being fully confident and fully approachable, and Janine is definitely one of those humans. These are the people that you’d proudly go to battle for and aren’t afraid to cry in front of. So, there’s no wonder why Girl Talk has been going strong for 13 years, here in charlotte.

It was a restorative type of feeling to be around someone who is past a lot of her insecurities. She has passed the phase of material and ego, and can focus on her heart and energy and who they beat for; the stage in your life when you’d rather be kind rather than right.

She makes you remember that your existence is so much bigger than you.

I now fantasize about Janine and I becoming such great friends, that when she makes weekend trip plans I’m AUTOMATICALLY invited and we have a backlog of inside jokes that annoy other people. #friendshipgoals.

Okay, I’m getting off track. Meet Janine! And learn more about Girl Talk! I asked Janine six questions. Her answers are below.

How do you work?

I am a loner when it comes to processes. I really like to gather a lot of information, first. I ask a lot of questions (that’s the journalistic side of me), then I go and process it later, alone. I don’t like a lot of detail, but you need those people around you. I’m really good at pinpointing my own weakness and finding someone to compliment that. I had to learn how to do that.

I felt guilty for not doing it all. But, why? Find someone who loves doing the things you’re not good at. I also listen to music in the softly in the background. If you’ve ever been a contemporary furniture store and listen to their music…that’s the kind of music I’m playing.

If you had the ability to change one thing about Charlotte, what would it be?

I think I would change the ability for people to get and stay connected.
There are so many segments of people, causes, and things. I want a one stop shop for that, as charlotte grows and diversifies with everyone who is coming into the city.

Like meeting you for example?! How would I have met you?! by chance. I want a deliberate way. We could get a lot more accomplished. I encourage you to talk to someone who doesn’t look like you; doesn’t have the same beliefs that you do.

Do you feel the responsibility to contribute to something bigger than yourself?

I think you already know the answer to that.

I struggled for it for a little while. With the radio station, I was going to tons of event, meeting a lot of celebrities, going to party and award shows. I was like, “Great, I’m loving it. Living it up in Charlotte. I’m up and coming.” But, I still felt a sense of emptiness. I said, “Okay, this is great, but what am I doing? I’m having a good time, but what am I doing to give back?” And as soon as I put that out in the universe is when it all started.

My reward before was money or trip or something like that, but now my reward is exposing a girl to college for the first time Or, she’s now going to college, or graduating from college, or she’s now starting a career in political science or communications, or whatever it is. We just changed to the direction of her life.

DON’T CRY. (author’s note: oh, yeah I started crying here)

So, to answer your question: Yes, I do. That’s why we’re all here.

What’s your go-to escape activity?

Massages. Quick getaways and extended weekends. Yoga.

You’ve got set aside a portion of a couple of days, where you give some time for yourself. That’s what I do on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I won’t go into the office on those days. It gives me the opportunity to think about what’s next.There was a while where I was just sporadically going, going, going and not being mindful about my schedule. I felt so busy, but not being effective

Do you believe in ghosts?

I don’t want to. That’s why I don’t watch any of that paranormal stuff. NO MAM.I just don’t want anything to talk to me. Don’t communicate. I don’t want to hear anything audible.

If you could go back in time 10 years, and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I would get really intense on all the minute details. I always felt like if everything wasn’t perfect the world was just going to stop, which is ridiculous. I was always thinking something had to be perfect for it to be right, which is not how the world works.A lot of it is about your intent. I look at my intent now; what is it that you’re really trying to accomplish?

I think sometimes we worry so much about being on point, and not putting our intent in what we’re doing, that we forget what we’re trying to produce. Understand the bigger picture.

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