Time is all you have.

It’s 5:13am. It’s a 3 day weekend. There is coffee. Life is awesome.

Hi friends,

Assistant City Manager Hyong Yi recently put me on to a lecture by Randy Pausch on time management. Two super popular quotes are “Time must be explicitly managed like money” and “Time is all you have. And you may find one day that you have less than you think.”

I’m the type of person that wants to do everything and meet everyone but I’m quickly realizing I absolutely can not do this. I didn’t watch this lecture and feel enlightened or instantly have a handle on my calendar. Nope, it’s still a mess. I came away feeling like there’s a more meaningful way to invest my time. Now it’s on me to figure it out.

Watch the full lecture here. If you want the cliff notes version. Go here. Either way it’s totally worth your time. Alright, let’s get to it.

Photo by Charlotte Ballet

Meet these awesome people.

Our featured #CLTnonprofit of the week is Janine Davis & Girl Talk. The whole concept of “teaching today’s girls to be tomorrow’s leaders” is awesome. It’s such an important organization. Janine is awesome.

The first “Have you met?” for the week is Marcie Kelso. Everyone should meet her. Her passion for Charlotte comes through so quickly. She’s an encyclopedia of Charlotte history. Pick her brain. You won’t be disappointed.

Then we have Jenifer Daniels who does all the things but most recently is kicking off her new startup Colorstock. One things for sure, Jenifer is a doer. She get’s it done.

Last but not least Addie Holby. She’s just about the nicest, most supportive person out there. Her latest efforts are pointed towards the Rock and Read 5k that supports the CM Library.

Do you know someone awesome and want to introduce them to all of We Love Charlotte? Let’s make it happen. I’ve laid out the instructions and guidelines here for you to make your own intro.

Photo by Tara Bedard

Speaker series location update.

For those that RSVP’d to Alyssa’s talk on September 17 we’re relocating to Industry coworking at the NC Music Factory. The address is 1000 North Carolina Music Factory Blvd. It’s going to be awesome. Time stays the same. See you at 5:30pm on the 17th.

Join the Creative League.

The Creative League of Interventionists kicked off their awesomeness alongside the August #weloveclt speaker series. What’s next? The #CLThaiku open paint event. The vision is to not only spruce up the scenery with delightful messages about why we love Charlotte, but to vary the installation so that they pop up randomly throughout the next month all over the city.

To get involved go here.

Photo by the Creative League

Use #weloveclt.

The use of the #weloveclt hashtag is exploding. I love it. To spread and share the love I’ll be featuring 4 photos tagged with #weloveclt in each weekly update throughout. They are.

Photo by Joes Donuts

All the Instagram takeovers.

Takeover time! If you’re interested in taking our Instagram over please go toweloveclt.com/takeovers, read the guidelines and fill out the form. Here’s the awesome people that did takeovers this past week.

The wrap up.

It’s a three day weekend for me. What are you doing with the extra day?

Looking for something to do? Both the fall Queen City Conscious market and Front PorchSunday Market are happening. Check em out.

That’s it. Be awesome.

Photo by @sarkatbur

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