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Have you met Justin Cross?

Eats, sleeps and breathes music (if he ever actually slept)

Hi! Have you met Justin Cross?

I first saw Justin Cross perform this summer at the NoDa FAM Rally at the Chop Shop. It was immediately evident he was passionate about his music. Then, later this summer, I officially met Justin through QCIR and I saw that he was passionate about something else as well, making Charlotte his home. A transplant to CLT 10 years ago Justin has embraced the Charlotte people and community, often including it in his music videos, or talking about it to anyone who will listen. He’s one of those people who actually eat, sleep and breathe music (if he ever actually slept) – and his passion is evident in his work.

I want to introduce him to you because in a competitive musical scene Justin’s compassionate, purposeful and driven nature have stood out to me time and time again in both his attitude and his work.

I asked Justin six questions. His answers are below his picture.

If you had a set of day of the week underwear, what would your favorite day be? What color are they?

Wednesday AKA Hump day because it reminds you that the week is half way over and it’s ok to hump someone as long as they are a willing participant. Humping statistics are staggeringly low, so I’d make them bright yellow to create awareness for this dying experience.

What would you say your hardest trial has been and how did it change you?

Professionally speaking, it’s been segueing out of the finance and real estate business into the entertainment business while sacrificing a steady paycheck for the uncertainly of the unknown, in an industry that has been described as the ‘wild wild west’. It’s changed me, in that I’m learning how important loving what you do is, because the genuine and natural love I have for music, has helped me get through the hard times. I suppose I changed in that I learned its vital to identify your true passion in life and also pursue it with all you’ve got. Personally, losing my friends, wife, and family do to religion. It changed me in the sense that it taught me elements of what real love for people means, and how we need to have more of it, in our society at large.

Best place / unknown place in Charlotte you love going to?

I like the simplicity of Latta plantation on the north side, because it’s easy to get to, and rarely crowded for a nice Zen stroll/hike, and I personally appreciate Amelie’s, because I’m known for late night writing sessions, and scheduling business business meetings at 2AM with my fellow vampirepreneurs. I hope we get more super-late night joints to chill at soon.

What motivates you?

Rebuilding my connection to community & society through my music. The awareness that life is extremely short and fleeting. The awareness that no one will get you what you want in this life. you have to go get it. I experienced deaths grips when my appendix burst when I was 16. I learned that you can simply die tomorrow in a heart beat. literally. The scariest part, is that it’s out of your control. I never was the same after waking up from surgery, and I have a such a zest for experiencing life and living it to full, ever since.

If you were a wrestler, what would your entrance song be?

“Block Rocking Beats” by The Chemical Brothers

Sara Beth Jones asked why do you love Charlotte?

Charlotte has been very good to me. It allowed me to create a small business and thrive for over 10 years because of the growth and desire for all it has to offer. Also, because I grew up in a fully developed city full of rich culture (Boston) I never felt part of the creation and building of culture. In Charlotte, even the small things you do, make an impact in this growing city. I enjoy watching the blending of the diversity, and the growing pains Charlotte faces as it embraces it’s new culture and identity. I feel part of the underrated passion of this city and it’s desire to become a destination city with it’s own unique cultural identity. It’s steadily moving away from just viewed as ‘Southern’, and more so being a cool, rad, city, called Charlotte. Specifically, I like the ‘Mini worlds’ in Charlotte. There are several little pockets of culture that cater to different tastes and style, and because I’m eclectic, I like to mix it up.

You can connect with Justin online and via social media by visiting his website at  You can also find Justin on Facebook, and RSVP to his EP release this weekend at,

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