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Have you met Kathryn Godwin?

Kathryn is participating in a residency program that takes over the old Goodyear building from July to September prior to demolition. Each month, three artists or artistic groups use partitioned space in the gallery to create work. Read more about that here.

Hi! Meet Kathryn.

Her company’s name, Studio Cultivate, is an apt one. An innovative installation artist and cultivator of community, Kathryn hails from Florida and now calls North Carolina home. Individuals, retailers, and companies have incorporated her large-scale and intricate art pieces in store openings, celebrations, and media across the country and world.

Kathryn is known for working with a number of materials – both traditional and unexpected – and she challenges conventional studio art to create playful, whimsical, and accessible pieces that offer a sense of place and time. Clients include the Biltmore Estate, Lowes Home Improvement, Off Broadway Shoes, Anthroplogie, BHLDN, and Belk.

She has appeared on Charlotte Today and within the pages of Charlotte Home and Garden. Her work was featured on the blog Ruffled and in partnership with Emily Henderson and Kathryn is currently an artist-in-residence at the Goodyear Building in Uptown. Her showcase is from 6 to 9 this Friday.

Kathryn’s efforts do not stop with her art. She is a builder of community in Charlotte, having launched Cultivate Creatives (#cultivatecreatives). Cultivate Creatives offers networking opportunities for, you guessed it, creative female business owners in the area. Her potluck events in area parks have often served as the spark needed for important collaborations, business partnerships, and a great deal of knowledge sharing and friendship.

Like her work, Kathryn is above all else authentic. Her genuine interest in art, creation, and the community behind it makes her one of the reasons #weloveclt – it’s people. We asked Kathryn six questions. Her answers are below.

What are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about creating inspiring spaces and environments, or experiencing such places/adventures myself.

What frustrates you?

Having to wait for things to come, I’m impatient and am always ready for the next step.

Where do you see Charlotte in 10 years?

I’m excited about all that is starting to happen here, I think we’re gaining the recognition of a creative and exciting community, with lots of opportunities. I’m not sure what to expect 10 years from now, but I hope for continued growth of creative spaces and for now, I love to call this city my home.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice 10 years ago what would it be?

You’re really capable of creating all you can fathom, just go for it.

What’s your favorite place to hang in CLT?

VBGB, love their pretzels and beer cheese!

What would your last meal be?

Filet Mignon at Beef & Bottle finished with their key lime pie.

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