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Have you met Kelsey Lee?

She believes everyone is worthy of her time, a heart-to-heart, and respect.

Note: Today (September 11th) is Kelsey’s Birthday. Give her a birthday shout!

Kelsey missed her calling. She was meant to be a princess or duchess of some description. Whenever she speaks, you’ll want to ask her if woodland creatures help her get dressed in the morning. I think this has a lot to do with her pro vernacular and a demeanor that screams she could burst into song at any moment.

If you have the privilege to spend some time with her and take a ride in her hot wheels, you will more than likely experience, “Support from NPR comes from…” gyrating through your ears. Seriously, this girl is always listening to NPR and has the fun facts to prove it.

Then once you get to your destination, someone will INEVITABLY stop her to compliment her bangs, and you’ll try to insert yourself into the conversation in case the person is just dishing out compliments like lollipops at the bank.

After you guys decide it’s time to leave, you’ll walk out and realize you’ve lost her. You experience the same feeling you get when you think you’ve left your phone at the bar. Let the panic search begin.

Finally, you’ll find her. She’ll be engrossed in a conversation with a stranger, because she believes everyone is worthy of her time, a heart-to-heart, and respect. You’ll pull her away from her new best friend. Then you will want to lecture her about how she’ll get abducted. Then you’ll become fully aware that she’s more than capable of taking care of herself and is just a happy human who wants to share that.

Next time you see Kelsey, pro tip: don’t challenge her in a pool or cornhole because you will lose. Feel totally comfortable to say hello and get ready to make a friend soul-mate.

I asked Kelsey five questions. Her answers are below.

What kind of legacy do you hope to leave?

If nothing else, I just want to leave a legacy of love. Plain and Simple. Every human being deserves to be on the receiving end of kindness, compassion, and empathy.

If you had to choose one movie (or song) to describe your life right now, what would it be and why?

The song Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club immediately came to mind. It’s been the fight song and soundtrack of my mid-20s. It’s been a letter of encouragement for my everyday life. And most importantly, it been making me dance since 2010 — anyone who knows me well, knows I love to dance.

“Show the world that something good can work — and it can work for you.”

When was the last time you felt really vulnerable?

Last month, I went on vacation with a friend that I actually had never met in person before. It was crazy, exciting, and maybe a little stupid. It was certainly the most vulnerable I had ever been in my entire life. And you know what? I made a friend for life out of the experience and it reaffirmed my belief there are a lot of wonderful people in the world.

What is your greatest indulgence?

Going to the movies AND getting the chocolate covered cookie dough bites.

What’s your favorite moment with your dad?

It’s not just a single moment — it’s actually every time I pay a visit home.

Ever since I moved into my own place, my dad has called me Toula, after the protagonist of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. For those of you who live under a rock, the movie is about a 30-something Greek-American woman who, after living and working with her ultra-traditional parents and relatives all of her life, discovers love and herself. Having lived at home for an extended time after graduating college, there were some eerie parallels between my big fat Catholic family and Toula’s big fat Greek family. Once I announced my love for Charlotte and plans to move out to the city, my dad blurted the same line Toula’s father cried when she suggested she take some college courses: “Why do you want to leave me?” It’s one of my favorite moments with my dad and is something we all joke about to this day.

I always look forward to opening the back door of my parents’ house to be greeted with a “TOULA’S HOME!” from my father.

Get in touch with Kelsey at @kelsolee (Twitter)

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