Queen City Forward

Hi! Have you heard of and supported Queen City Forward? They provide a hub for entrepreneurs who have business ideas that address social needs and work to balance a triple-bottom-line of people, planet and profit.

This is kind of a special one for me. I couldn’t just introduce one person as QCF. Charles, Christie and Tori all play an integral part in making it all happen.

QCF, Charles and Christie have been in my world for a while now. Before Ready at 7, #WeLoveCLT and a lot of things were even an idea in my head. Back in the days of Hypothetical Failure. They’ve been nothing but supportive from day one when we showed up asking for advice and a lot of it. They could have easily shut the door on us. They didn’t. I attribute so much of our motivation and success to be surrounded by people like them. They are awesome.

Tori is the latest addition to the team and brings unrivaled positive vibes, a go getter attitude and a smile that can easily make you forget what is wrong on the worst of days. A welcome addition in my eyes. She’s awesome!

Click either Tori’s, Charles’s or Christie’s picture below to read their “Have You Met?”. They are all awesome. Guaranteed!

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